Coach Leatherware

  1. I really hate to ask:shame: but what does it mean when the word Leatherware appears under the word Coach on the Creedo (creed?) tag? Is the wording on this tag always the same? I have seen it worded different ways. One tag says made in New York City, New York, other has USA in the wording portion.
    Any info on how this should look or read appreciated.:confused1:
  2. authentic bags are not made in the USA or new york :/
  3. Sprinkles,

    The Leatherware bags are older ones from when they were made in the USA. You would have to post the specific bag on the authentication forum.
  4. Almost all Coach bags were made in the US until the mid 90s, but none have been made here since at least 2002. A brand new style that says it's made in the US will always be a fake. Also, ANY bag that says Made In Korea is a fake.

    If it's an older bag, someone familiar with those styles will have to take a look. A lot of older fakes are out there and most of them say Made in the United States on the creed stamp. Some older creed stamps will say Coach Leatherware and the wording on the creeds DID change over time, so post any older bags you're not sure about in the Authenticate This forum and I'll be glad to take a look at them.

    You can't use the same "rules" to authenticate an older Coach as you use with the newer ones. Every one has to be analyzed individually.
  5. Thanks I will post more on the Authenticate forum. The bags I am looking at do have the proper XXX-XXXX pattern of numbers and none of the numbers are on the list of fake numbers, so far. I am learning alot about COACH. I came accross an article about COACH bringing suit against a Korean company that was using Coach Leatherware on their merchandise. Not sure of the date.

    Also, inside of one of the bags I noticed that the leather close to the seams appeared to be white, like it wasn't dyed properly. Is this the sign of a fake?
    One bag I looked at looked as though red thread was used to sew the seams.
    I will try to take some photos that show this stuff. Still :confused1: but getting :idea: .
  6. If you come across that article again about the Korean company, could you post it in this thread or send me a PM? I seem to remember a company named Wako, I think, that was making a lot of Coach counterfeits until Coach took legal action against them, but I'm sure they weren't the only company in Korea making fakes.

    The leather in older Coaches IS usually lighter by the seams, and I don't know why. If the seams were sewn with red thread on anything but a red bag maybe the seams had been repaired or the bag re-dyed. I've never seen red thread used on anything but red.