Coach Leather Stitched Hobo

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  1. Wow wow wow. I haven't looked at a Coach bag for some time now. I just saw this bag. How cute is this? Especially click on the Rose color option. I think this is so cute.
  2. It´s pretty! You´re right, the rose is the best.
  3. This is my favorite bag from the winter line. I love the rose color!
  4. I think that bag's adorable - it looks great IRL too!
  5. cute. i wonder how much can fit inside?
  6. Cute.
  7. Those embellished bags look so much better in real life! They are cute in the pictures, but when I saw them in person I almost couldn't walk away. Absolutely gorgeous!
  8. I'm not loving those bags. They just have too much of a Western feel for my taste.
  9. That is an extremely pretty purse! I love the detailing!
  10. that's what i'm thinking.
    it's cute, but not for me.
  11. I like it. :yes:

  12. It fits a ton. I just bought the black mono stitch and matching wallet last week. It is so cute. I get compliments on it every day:nuts:
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