Coach Leather Quality

  1. Howdy! I have a late 70s/early 80s-ish basic bag. The leather is wonderful-thick, soft, heavy, and supple. I recently handled a new Janice's Legacy at a coach store. The leather was noticeably thinner and poorer quality (beyond it not being broken in). When was this change? Does it correlate to different manufacturing sites (USA, Coasta Rica, Hungary, China, etc.)? I guess my big concern is in buying bags on eBay-how can I tell if I'm going to get a bag with the leather that I like?
  2. Well in terms of leather, I definitely think the Legacy line and the leather Carly is along the line of "old school" Coach leather specifications. :yes: I think if you bought a leather product from these lines on eBay, you won't be disappointed.

    These are the only two lines in leather I have so that's all I can speak on. Maybe someone else will chime in on the other leather lines.
  3. I haven't had any problems with the quality of the leather. Different styles do feel different. The legacy leather is wonderful and I would recommend it.