Coach Leather Portfolios

  1. Hi guys! I don't buy a lot of Coach, but I have interviews coming up and I need something to keep my resume in. I have my eye on this leather folder:

    Does anyone own this? Is it nice? Does it stay closed on its own?

    Also, are there ever sales or discount coupons on the Coach site? I looked at eBay, but most of the leather portfolios seemed to be fake.

    Thanks all!
  2. Hi. They often have these at the outlets. Do you live near a Coach Outlet?
  3. I've got it and I love it! It was great for interviewing (it gave me a little burst of confidence) and now when I carry it in to meetings my Coach-adoring friends comment on it. I also have an older version in the old British Tan and love that as well, but I don't use it as much anymore.

    It defintely stays shut and it's very soft and smells like great Coach leather!
  4. They were like $139 or $149 at the outlet - add 30% off because they were marked down this week (Reading had black ones). Not sure of the exact properties but they were similar to the above. They had a smaller one for either $89 or $99 for 30 % off too.

  5. I'm not able to drive to a Coach outlet (no car). Do you know if they take orders by phone? Where was this outlet? Thanks!
  6. my dad bought one and everyone is very jealous of it! He bought it for like $50 at an outlet, so it was a great price! I say go for it!
  7. I got my SO the zipped version of the leather portfolio for work (he's a lawyer), he uses it periodically on short trips and depositions. I liked the zipped one better than the one that you posted just because documents are a little more secure and protected from the elements. I got it at the outlet though for a LOT less than the retail price - you may try eBay and see if you can get a little better deal than retail. I don't think these items are faked.
  8. Hi. Coach Outlets won't ship.