Coach Leather, or LV Mono

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Which should I get?

  1. Coach Hampton's Vintage Leather Carryon

  2. Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Speedy 40 w/ green paint

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok, so I'm selling a bag to help fund a new bag. I was planning to sell it to buy a Hampton's Vintage leather Carryon, however, I've discovered that the Louis Vuitton Mono Monogram is around the same price for a Speedy 40.

    So I'm torn! I love the Carryon, and I love the Speedy.

    Here is my pro/cons lists:

    Coach Hamptons Vintage Carryon
    Fabulous Leather
    Gold Hardware
    Size (big and manly)
    Khaki Lining
    Price: Orig $1500, seller had it at $1275 OBO, and accepted $950

    Weight: Hamptons Vintage Pebbled leather weighs a ton! Especially on a carryon!
    Size: Almost too big
    Color, not a huge fan of black, but it is beautiful!

    Louis Vuitton Mono Monogram Speedy 40
    Personlized: Custom painted with stripes and my initials
    Speedy 40, my HG LV
    Design: Simple, classic, and masculine

    Coated Canvas (PLASTIC!!!)
    Price: $1030 new, and if I needed to sell, probably wouldn't get a good return due to my initials
    Flashy I like more subdued bags
    Vachetta: I can handle vachetta, but it can be a hassle with weather

    HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!
  2. If its your HG. you gotta get it!
  3. Well, you're on a Coach board...

    But, I have the Speedy 35...and I love it.

    Here's the thing. The Speedy is such a classic bag...having it personalized for you would be amazing and just set it apart. It's not a bad thing that it's coated canvas...especially if it is a carry on...think of how durable it would be?!

    As far as having it be to personal...just make a commitment that this bag will be a lifer for you...then the "resale value" becomes a moot point.

    I vote LV..
  4. OH I don't actually use these as carryons, they are my everyday bags!
  5. Leather over coated canvas any day.

    I strayed over to LV about a year and a half ago and it didn't last long. Coated canvas just doesn't have that WOW factor.
  6. Well, the canvas is super durable for day to day use, too! I can tell you...mine is still in great shape after 5 months of solid's now retired and packed away safe and sound forever more, but it had a good run and held up perfect!! And no, I never found the PVC cheap or anything...
  7. I love leather, and I love LV monogram too. I am no help, sorry!
  8. Well, louislover, I know You Love the Hampton's line....So I voted for the Hampton's Carryon..Good Luck, I can see you are having a hard time chosing!!!!;)
  9. Im probably going to be in the minority here, but I dont care for LV bags at all. First of all, if Im going to spend that much on a bag, it better be leather. Second, there are SOOOO many knock-off LVs around here (and Coach signature in khaki/tan - another reason I dont do signature) that if I saw your bag, I would just assume it was a knock-off. Now thats really none of my business, lol, and you arent carrying the bag for what I think of it, but thats what I would think. Also, I just dont care for many of the LV prints/patterns, etc. Do you have pictures of each bag so we can see them side by side? I know I would still pick the Coach, tho. Good luck with your decision!
  10. This is a tough one because I understand both sides of your dilemma- leather is always a classic, but if it's too heavy it can be a real pain. I think it's really cute that LV has the monogram option, but you really shoot yourself in the foot resell wise. I think I'd have to stick with Coach on this one.
  11. I voted for Coach. I am not a LV fan. My HG is a Chanel..*drool*
  12. Definitely the Mon Mono Speedy! I fell in love with LV yesterday, a mon mono speedy 35 is my HG!
  13. Yes, I would like to get it done in either Green/light blue or green/darkgreen or green/ivory!
  14. Ohh! Green/ivory! Would you go with the double stripe or the 3 stripe if you did? The 3 would look incredible with the green as the main colour!
  15. The three stripe for sure!