Coach leather moisturizer

  1. Hi all. As some of you know, I am a very recent Coach convert. I purchased my first leather bag on Sunday, and I was wondering how to use the moisturizer I bought too. The SA at the outlet said I should rub it in with my fingers like I would with lotion, but not to rub at it at all. I'm confused. And I've read other posts saying I should buff it in?

    Please help a newbie out! Thanks!
  2. You should use a soft cloth~~old t-shirt or sock~~and just rub it in and around the bag. What kind of bag is it? I ask b/c you shouldn't use it on some Coach leather.
  3. It is a small black leather ergo hobo. It was an amazing price ($62+tax) and I want to make sure it stays looking good!
  4. You can use it on the burnished leather of the black ergos for sure!! I put it all over my turquoise one and it came out perfect!! I have even use it on some scratches on the couch!! :yes:
  5. Sweet thanks! Another dumb question, do I apply it directly to the leather? Or do I put the moisturizer on the cloth and then rub the leather?

  6. I put it directly on the leather and rubbed it in with my fingers and then went over with a soft cloth... I just did it this way.. I don't know if it's right or not, but it worked for me!
  7. thank you!
  8. I put the moisturizer on a tshirt (white tshirt) and rub it in gently.