Coach Leather moisturizer and cleaner

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  1. I went to the Coach store tonight and got leather cleaner and moisturizer. The SA told me that the moisturizer should be all I need, as leather isn't waterproof and you can't really waterproof it. I have also read about the Appleguard and Wilson's leather spray. She said you can't really use these over the moisturizer and they couldn't recomend them if they did because they are not a Coach product, which I totally understand. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. Does anyone have any experience with this ? I am sure there are other threads addressing this topic but are probably old. Thanks
  2. well, you need BOTH the cleaner and moisterizer.

    now, as for protection, appleguard and shinning monkey works with SOME types of leather and bags.

    which do you need protection for.

    my soho flaps are "naked" and only use the coach cleaners and moisturizers but the handles on my speeded i got treated with appleguard
  3. Well I know there is alot of debate of this. I'll tell you what my experience has been with both the Coach Moisturizer and Cleaner, and the Appleguard.

    1.) Appleguard: I used this on the handles of my LV speedy because I was afraid of getting the dreaded waterspots on the Vachetta, and so far it seems to have worked (though I haven't really gotten them wet to be completely sure) it also seems to have darkend the leather ever so slightly, but that could just be me looking for changes. I haven't tried it on my Coach bags because I haven't needed to. I've gotten my Coach bags wet and they are always fine, since the leather is still treated (unless you get a Vachetta bag) just wipe dry the bag if it gets too wet and you should be golden.

    2.) Coach Moisturizer and Cleaner: I was actually able to remove a pen mark that I got on my leather agenda with the moisturizer alone! I also use it for my white tote and it makes the leather incredibly soft. I haven't used the cleaner becasue the moisturizer seems to clean well enough on it's own while being much gentler.

    I would recomend just periodically using the moisturizer to keep the bags supple and the cleaner if it gets really dirty. But I probably wouldn't bother with the Appleguard.

    I'm sure the others will have more advice on this. Good luck!!

    -Angela :smile::supacool:
  4. Thank you ! This is great advice. It is for my leather hobo which is soft and a light color "mist" and for my black leather wristlet which has a front flap with a turnlock (i forget what it is called, it is a few years old) that seems to get dirty.
  5. If you go on Coach's website, it lists which bags should be used with which type Coach Products - some you don't use cleaner, just moisturizer.
  6. I use appleguard on my signature jaquard pieces to help keep them protected (the Coach factory treatment doesn't last forever) and I have Coach Signature cleaner for spot cleaning. I have appleguard leather moisturizer for my leathers that Coach recomends Coach Moisturizer for. I use my Appleguard spray on my leathers that can not be cleaned - my vintage leathers, hand burneshed leathers, suedes. Only one of my purses can be moisturized but not cleaned (my camel ergo tote) so I moisturize and then 24hrs later spray. It needs to be sprayed because the leather is light and gets water marks.
  7. ^^ You spray Apple Guard on your sig stuff? Does it help protect them well? Hmmm...that might be a good idea...

    As for me, I use the Coach stuff on my Coach bags, and Apple Guard/Apple Leather Cleaner on the LV. I don't know; I guess I just felt like if Coach makes stuff, I should use it for their bags, b/c they probably know the most about their bags? I don't know...
  8. Yes - I use the Appleguard spray on the sig stuff. Just like scotchguarding your sofa!!!
  9. wait but which bag did the SA tell you to only get the moisturizer for?? if its a legacy bag then she was right!
  10. Katrynar - are you addressing me??

    I think the Vintage legacy items can not be moisturized or cleaned. The burnished leather (like on the camel and turquoise ergos) can be moisturized but not cleaned. The white and black ergos are buck leather and can be cleaned and moisturized.
  11. To add some fuel to the fire, I just got a Metropolitan Briefcase off eBay & it has some type of greasy carp on it - not sure if it is mink oil, too much lexol or what. Ugghhh.
  12. no i was answering the original poster, glitter girl. when i bought my legacy leather item, one of the SAs who had the same bag told me not to use the cleaner on it, but to use the moisturizer. I did, and it worked fine, just added a bit of shine to it
  13. Hi sorry, I didn't see the post anymore. She told me to use it on my soho hobo which is in "mist" I didn't use the cleaner yet on it because it is not dirty yet but i used the cleaner on my black classic wristlet with the front pouch and turnlock and the sa at the outlet told me not to use cleaner on black leather because it takes the color off and it actually did !
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    I was told not to use anything with Silicone in it for leather care. I believe Coach leather care has silicone in it. Apple products so not have silicone and also those leather care products from are PH balanced for leathers. Check there is a wealth of information on leather care; they have many kits. They also have a waterproofer to protect handbag handles from darkening. Email them with the specs of your bag, what kind of leather, and they will prescribe the right products to use. I actually use both brands. I purchased a marvelous bag on eBay but the ink on one side was extensive; the handles were stained. I mailed the bag to, we emailed back and forth before work was undertaken. When I received that bag it looked as though it had been replaced with a new one! Not a hint of ink was to be seen, the color was brightened. They don't use acrylic dyes; only ORGANIC dyes. They cared for that bag with tender loving care! Finally, they advise you how to take care of your bag. Now I have a "new" bag! Check them out.
  15. I need serious help! I accidentally got a drop of my handcream on my coach leather large duffle (light camel yellow) and it was there till it dried to a glop. Well I saw it and wipe the glob off, but the oil has soaked into my coach and left a ugly spot.

    Used moisturizer to clean it but no effect. Should I just leave it or try to clean it off with the leather cleaner? My care card says NO Leather Cleaner should be used on the product.

    Got another coffee spot today when I spilled my coffee. Missed a spot. Talking about a series of unfortunate events.

    Oh, one silly question regarding the large leather duffle. Is the smooth surface with the full pc of leather the front or the half leather side the front? Too shy to ask the SA. :wtf: