Coach Leather Legacy Shoulder Bag color

  1. Hi All:

    I decided to get my sister the Coach Leather Legacy shoulder bag (the one with the two pockets in front with the turnlocks) that costs $398.
    My sister's wardrobe consists of primarily black and brown/tan clothes. My question to you all, is which color do you like the bag better in-the whiskey or the black?
  2. I have the bag in whiskey and I adore it. It's such a lovely color. But, I don't feel like it works with most of my black clothes, so she might get more use out of the black one. The whiskey is my fave, though.
  3. The whiskey is gorgeous!! But the black is prolly more versatile. I personally would be thrilled to receive either one!!!
  4. They're both GORGEOUS... but I'd go with the black.
  5. i love the black!
  6. Whiskey for me!
  7. I'm getting the Whiskey for x-mas!!
  8. ^^I have this bag in the the Signature version in Khaki/Ebony for $378.00 and carry it to work everyday...but I am really considering the Whiskey one..I love the color! Glad you decided to get it...
  9. My vote is for the whiskey, of course I'm biased!:graucho:
  10. Whiskey here too, it is GORGEOUS in person. I'm using mine today :biggrin:
  11. I think the black would be more versatile with my wardrobe (and many others), but the whiskey color is just gorgeous. I would be delighted to receive either.
  12. I have the whiskey and love it...but I mostly wear browns. I don't wear a lot of black.

    In your sister's case, the black is probably more versatile from the sounds of her wardrobe.

    Either way, you're a great sister!!!!
  13. I wear almost exclusively black, from head to toe, every day. I bought this bag in whiskey and it looks just fine. It is really a gorgeous shade!
  14. I am debating the same thing myself. I think I want the black but then I see the whiskey...
  15. I love the whiskey, but the black is definitely more versatile with her wardrobe. What a great gift to get your sister!!!