Coach Leather Legacy Hobo - is it heavy?

  1. I'm soooo in :heart: with this bag, and I'm thinking of getting a friend to get this for me the next time she goes to the US. But I wonder, does anyone have this bag, and can anyone tell me if it's heavy?
    I carry quite a bit of stuff with me sometimes, and I've gotten quite a bad shoulder ache from some of the other (lesser) leather bags I own.

    I think it looks best in Bronze...what do you girls think??
  2. I'll put it on my scale for you when I get home, but yes, it's quite a heavy bag. It's a combination of the leather (very thick, similar to MJ leather) and the hardware. As long as you don't overload it, you ought to be fine.
  3. Okay, just weighed the bag and it comes to 3.9 lbs. exactly--pretty heavy! That's for the big bag with the flap and the two external pockets.
  4. ^ Thanks for sharing that evoque. Yeah I heard it was huge too.
  5. Oh wow! Thanks for weighing it and letting us know! :P
  6. i think you're thinking of two different bags?
    i believe that this:
    is that bag cielo871 is talking about, while evoque is talking about this bag:

    the first of the two, if that's what you meant, was a surprisingly perfect size, and not too heavy at all.
  7. HI everybody,

    I am new to this forum, anyway I too am planning to get this in white.

    Has anyone bought this yet? Will it turn yellow?
    I have alot of brown bags so I think this will be a perfect white bag.:P
    Can I get this bag at an outlet store?

  8. I have heard of it yellowing :sad:

    I doubt you will find it at an outlet anytime soon.

    I LOVE that bag too.
  9. In response to Anitalilac....yes some of the white ones have been having a problem with yellowing. I know this personally!! I contacted Coach and I have to send the bag back to them and I will receive
    either a replacement or credit. I absolutely love this bag and yes it can be a bit heavy......If I end up with a credit I would definately purchase either the bronze or brown.
  10. I have this bag. I have it lined in white leather and the interior is the linen canvasy signature pattern. I have yet to have mines yellow. I think it's really up in the air whether that will happen to you or not. However if it does, I'm sure Coach will fix or replace it for you. As for its weight. It's not heavy at all. Most of the other bags in the legacy collection are heavy. I've tried on all of them I think.
  11. I did pick up these bags when I was in the store the other day after reading this thread. IMO, they were a bit heavy for me, even the small one, but I am the type that would think a normal bag for most people is too heavy for me. I generally like a pretty light bag so when I fill it up it is managable for me. But, like everything purse related, it is a very personal type thing, it was not so heavy that I would label it a "heavy bag" persay, it was just too heavy for me. Good luck in your decision.
  12. hi i own the white legacy coach bag and mine has yet to turn yellow but it has left me very dissapointed in the fact that since it reaches your jeans. My jeans have stained the back of the purse. I was wondering if this has happend to anyone and if so, what can I clean it with?
  13. Cielo, what is that gorgeous bag you are carrying in your avatar pic?