Coach Leather Conditioner on Vachetta?

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  1. I want to do something to help condition the vachetta leather on all my LVs. I also thought it may even out some spots. Does anyone recommend this, or tried this?
  2. The coach instructions say that the cleaner should NEVER be used on new vachetta.
    I've tried it on a light patina and had no problems.
    But I would not recommend it!
  3. I inquired at the coach store about it to clean the suade from my coach shoes and also for the vachetta on my lv and she said NO that the conditioner was made only to use on their soft colored like leather bags so i wouldn't recomend it eather...

  5. I would not recommend Coach leather cream on the LV vachetta. Not good!
  6. I used Coach leather cleaner on one of my Coach bags in high school (in the late 80's) and it virtually ruined that bag. Ever since, I've recommended that people don't use it at all. Haven't had a problem with any of my leather Coach bags since. For this reason alone, I'd keep it far from my LV bags!

    (*Side Dr. Marten leather balm 'fixed' the Coach bag at least enough to be able to use it again.)

  7. what was the after-effect of the coach cleaner that made you not be able to use the bag?
  8. Not sure if you have resolved your problem but this can be helpful for other people out there. Someone recommended Rain protector Apple Gardé... Garbage! Don't use it. It sort of stained by bag making the handle dark brown (2 yrs old bag) and Batignolles don't have zipper so I was at risk of staining my interior lining.
    VASELINE(PETROLEUM JELLY) is the best. I have been using it for the past year. I only needed to put 3 times in the past year, and it looks great, shiny and treated. I live in the Desert so my bag was getting dry and I used leather conditioning making it worse. Vaseline made wonders and it looks amazing. Be careful to not touch the lining. Just rub all over the vachetta, it will darken a little bit but it will look beautiful.

  9. ^ my SA warns me never to use petroleum and oil based products on the vachetta. it degrades it over time as do other chemicals. she says, the best thing is to take care of it until it patinas naturally. i know this is a PIA, but that is what i do, and my bags look lovely for it. i don't baby them either, and don't particularly get up over some rain spots, as that somehow blended in over time.
  10. The Coach cleaner is VERY hard on leather. I've used it a couple of times but have to really slather on the conditioner immediately or it does dry out the leather. Although I've used the conditioner on other leather bags, I would never use it on LV vachetta. EVER!!
  11. I can't comment on the Coach cleaner as I have never used it ( I have neaver owned Coach). However, on my LV and Hermes I have used two products recommended by our own Docride who has a thread on leather care/restoration in the Hermes subforum. I use Blackrock Leather N' Rich for cleaning and conditioning ( it does darken vachetta slightly) and Obenaufs LP for waterproofing. These two products are great! As an example, the other day I got caught in snow/sleet/rain storm with my Special Order All Vachetta Noe GM and the bag and I got soaked. Nearly had heart failure when I looked at my Noe but within 2 hrs. when she dried she was good as new-no stains, watermarks or anything. Can't recommend it enough!
  12. Yes, they told me the same thing but unfortunately I spilled coffee on my bag and I had to clean with water. Due to the desert climate here the bag was getting extremely dry and ugly. A friend of mine has been putting vaseline on her bags since 1970 she said it never damaged. I did mine a year ago and still looks great, without the dry looking.

  13. I've spilled water and caught rain on my Batignolles, it never stained. It dried quickly but after it started making the vachetta dry. The other day I knocked over a glass of water all over my bag and my brand new mini-pochette accessories. It took a while to dry the little patch on the mini-pochette and I was afraid it was going to stain. It looks fine now. Didn't stain at all.

  14. My sister used Murphys Wood Soap on her old LV messenger bag after it had been in storage for several years. It has been about 6 months and so far it looks great.