Coach Leather Color Question!!

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  1. I am watching a few handbags on eBay. They are all the exact same bag (style, color), different auctions, different sellers. Im just waiting to see which will be the best deal before I bid LOL

    Anyways, my question.

    All 4 bags seem to be a different shade of the same color.

    Is it possible that they really are different shades, or is it probably the picture itself.

    A couple of the shades I dont really like. One I really do like and its a BIN for a lot more LOL

    The color is camel, so im wondering if its just how the leather is?

  2. More than likely the color variation you see is because the photos were taken by different people with different cameras. Typically you don't see a color variation like that with Coach bags.

  3. THANK YOU! :cutesy:That is very good to hear!!
  4. Different lighting, flash level, background color etc. Unless it is a vintage leather - the color should be the same from purse to purse. Some people have made the mistake of trying to clean or moisterize vintage leather and that can make it look very dark.
  5. Here are two pics of a camel tote that I have. Same bag, different angles and it looks like totally different colors. When I bought the bag a few weeks ago, I looked at a few of them first and the colors were all exactly identical. This particular bag seems to have a "2-toned" color theme anyway -- it's gorgeous!

    (I wanted this bag soooo bad but now wish I had gotten the signature one in the exact same style!)
    coach5.JPG coach4.JPG

  6. OH that is a beeeuuuutiful bag!

  7. I'm glad you said that because I am going back and forth on keeping it! haha!