Coach leather care...

  1. When you get a new bag home (really, the leather is what I'm interested in) what do you do to it before you wear it around? Is there something you're supposed to do as a preventative measure to keep the leather in top shape? What do you use?

    Also, different treatment for legacy leather and other different kinds of leather? Anyone treat their wristlets?

    I've heard people mention different things, but I'm curious to know what the general consensus is about leather care.

  2. I continuously use Apple Leathercare Conditioner on all my leathers, vintage, legacy, glove-tanned and vachetta. It does protect from stains and resists wetness. It is not an oil or wax. I have not used it on light colored pebbled leathers and would recommend testing it first on a hidden area and see how it dries. If it dries and leaves a stain I tend to think that it is an unfinishd leather and should be sprayed . . .

    with Apple Rain Guard spray for dusted metallic suede, suede and nubuc, and canvas and fabric bags. Most of Coachs fabric bags are all ready treated with water and stain repellent. Go to

    Coach also has leather conditioners and cleaners I have not used any of their products. But generally cleaners are harsher and should only be used on "finished" leathers. also has great leather care tips.
  3. I have a soho leather wristlet, and i moisturize it alot, because i use it as a wallet, and it has a little pocket, and seems to get alot of little scratches, so i always moisturize it, but then again, I moisturize my leather bag like
  4. I use coach leather moisturizer on my leather hobo. I haven't had to clean it yet but I have the cleaner also. If you have black leather, be careful and find out what to use because the cleaner takes the dye off and the moisturizer does too but I still use the moisturizer to clean my black classic leather wristlet, it gets used a lot and gets like these white marks on it for some reason. All leathers are different so you can't really have one regime for all of them.
  5. I use both Coach leather cleaner and conditioner
  6. Thanks for the detailed info! I will look at those sites. :smile:

  7. Wow, that's good to know. I recently purchased the moisturizer but haven't used it yet.

    Of course. That's why I'm curious to know what others have done with their different kinds of leather. I'm somewhat new to having different types of leather in my closet. :smile:
  8. Update here - how prophetic that I started with a question about leather care. My DH splashed a drop of non-alcoholic champagne on my brand new vachetta vintage leather ergo hobo, and I immediately blotted as much of it off as I was able to, but there is a slightly dark spot. Should I let this go, or is there something I can do about the spot? :sad: It's only the first day, too. :sad:
  9. Lovinmybags . . . says to rub cornstarch on it to draw out the moisture.
  10. I just bought the turquoise Ergo Tote...can you (SHOULD I) put anything on it before I use it? There was a little scratch on the front. I used a tiny bit of the Coach Leather Moisturizer and it came right out!! How often do you moisturize your leather bags? Especially the ERGO???