coach large wallets or small ones???


Mar 15, 2008
I have the Heritage Stripe Zip Around Wallet in pink, and the Burnished small wallet (the one with punctured "C" signature). And although I love the my Zippy, I would rather choose the small one, since it fits conveniently in any bag without taking up much space. I only use the Zippy with my Madeline, since it's wide enough for it without taking up space.


Sep 22, 2006
I have the Heritage Stripe zip-around wallet, and it is the first zip-around I've owned. I would never go back. This wallet is so convient - opens accordian style so nothing can fall out, is large enough that I never have a time when it won't close and it has enough divisions to keep everything organized. Additionally, because of its size I can find it immediately in a bag without having to feel around or open it up and look.

Of course, with a small bag a zip-around is impractical and I use the Legacy French Purse. But that doesn't accomodate change easily, and it is easy to carelessly stuff in bills or receipts so they either stick out and look messy or so the wallet won't easily fold up.


Jul 9, 2007
For everyday I carry a big wallet -Holiday Patchwork Lg. Ziparound - I need to have somewhere to stuff all my receipts for work and all my other stuff so this is perfect. For evening I have a small Biasia wallet that I use and I just bought a signature one with the red flower trimmed in red to use as a "vacation wallet" - for when I don't want to haul around all my cards, etc.


Jan 30, 2008
Brewcity, WI
I carry the french purse legacy wallet. Just got it at TJ Maxx. My first Coach wallet. I did not ever want to spend 200 plus on wallet when I could get a bag for that. Now that I have it I love it. Perfect size for me.


Jul 26, 2007
I prefer larger wallets because I carry so much stuff. I have tons of cards and like to keep my receipts with me for awile(I am bad about changing my mind & return things). I also have lots of coupons that I stick in there. So a larger wallet works best for me, but I do not have a large Coach wallet.
My sweet dh bought me a Coach wallet, but it is the Bleecker compact clutch wallet. And while I love it, it s just not big enough for all my things. I feel as if I need to use it because he was so sweet to buy it for me. So I went out and got myself a new wristlet to now keep my receipts and coupons in. At least I got to get another cute accessory for my bag! I am going to ask for a new bigger wallet next month-when the new outlet opens in Allen. We are going to be in the area a few days after it opens(returning from our trip to Alaska!) So I want to stop in before driving home. I hope to get a nice envelope style-I like to keep my checkbook seperate because I do not use it often. I can't wait!


Aug 4, 2007
I totally prefer large wallets!

I have this pet peeve (weird I know) that I don't like my bills folded.. haha.. does that make sense? Because inside a small wallet it would be folded in half when the wallet is closed :sad:


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Feb 2, 2008
Austin, TX
I use both depending on my mood. I prefer the french wallet(small) and the slim envelope wallet(large) These wallets are perfect for my needs.
I agree with lipgloss. I have a legacy french purse and slim envelope. I love them both! I also use a skinny to hold extras like business cards, credit cards I don't use very often, etc.


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May 13, 2007
well i don't have one, but i want to get a zip around one, hopefully whenever i ge a signature stripe tote i can get a matching one, because i like to have all my money staright and flat, and a place for any cards, and reciepts, so anyway hopefully someday soon! but for now i am satisfied with wristlets and mini skinnys!


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May 2, 2007
I used to carry a small wallet, a separate checkbook cover, then a separate coin case and a mini skinny for cards- it was too much. Now I have a large wallet that fits everything and its much easier that way.