Coach Large Legacy or MJ Courtney

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  1. Any opinions? I wasn't really into coach but I can't deny how fab this coach is. It's $798. A lot for coach. But $500 less than MJ. A
    This is just an ebay pic (I will buy directly from coach)..

    Also, will it lose its charm in black?
    i wear all black. No brown. No white. Is a white bag a bad idea? Thanks!

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  2. I personally LOVE it, but if I were you I would try it on in the store. I have heard that the Clip to get it open can be rather taxing....
  3. Thanks! I just realized it only comes in white or bronze.

    Will white go with all black in the winter? I think so?

    You like this better than the Marc Courtney?
    it's a lot cheaper so I'd feel less guilt maybe...

    :smile: I'd probably never lock it. I'm so bad!:love:
  4. I'm thinking the flap's long enough - and with the hardware, heavy enough - that leaving it open wouldn't be an issue. :amuse:

    I love this bag! I hope it's issued in colors for fall. I'd probably get three or four in different colors. :lol:
  5. I love that Coach, but it is pricy. Maybe you should wait a little, since Coach invaribly ends up at outlets !
  6. I think if you wear black, a white bag like this will be a beautiful complement to it!
  7. Thanks guys! I'm going to go and try it on. The marc jacob's courtney is so beautiful, but several hundred more. hmmm!!!
  8. That's a lof for Coach. I personally would rather get something else. It is cute though..
  9. I love MJ bags. The design of the Coach Legacy is attractive, but it's a HUGE bag. It reminds me more of a carry-on bag than a purse...
  10. hi moremoremore! i've joined the are officially my purseforum enabler!

    i really like the coach bag, and love it in white -- would be striking with your all black ensemble! only thing for me is i don't like the thought of spending that much on coach. love the mj you posted at the other place...feeling guilty are we? :amuse:
  11. The one that I tried on was chocolate brown. The trigger is huge....I tried to close it back up on the bag and gave up. Left it for the SA to do. LOL

    She told me that they are coming out with a little smaller one too...also that there has been a huge interest in this bag. :amuse:
  12. it's a really cute bag, but i agree, a lot for a coach. go try it on, and decide from there, but from the pic, it looks great.
  13. Very cute. Love it in white.
  14. I would probably wait until it goes on sale...
  15. You know, this is not an overprice on Coach's part. The darn bag is HUGE and it is ALL leather. Obviously it is going to cost more than a normal Coach, it's twice the size! I mean c'mon a lot of people here pay twice or three times that for a bag made out of mostly canvas...