Coach Large Black Duffle 10402

  1. I am trying to gage the size of this bag. Does anyone have any modeling pics?? this is an e-bay item, I don't know how to post links the item #180176556165. Does it look okay, and does anyone know anything about this seller?? What about the price?? Thanks for all your help!!
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  3. Hey there.. #10402 is actually the SMALL.. 10403 is the medium... I used to have the medium and I will try and find a pic.. but the one you are looking at will be smaller. :yes:
  4. thanks so much....wonder if this is a fake???It says large???
  5. sorry, i looked at the auction.
    it doesn't say large anywhere in the auction? :shrugs:
  6. I have it in chocolate that I bought at the outlet. I saw it on a girl at my salon but couldn't find it at the boutique and then BAM saw it out my outlet. I only paid $125 for the LARGE. Send them a note to make sure the item number is correct. I don't remember what my measurements are. Let me go see and also see if I can post a modeling pic (which I HATE). I can't wear it crossbody (I think) but someone smaller could possibly. My mom actually bought this exact one in black and she loves it.

    OP do you have a particular bag that you own that I possibly have that you want me to take a comparison photo of?