Coach Ladybug / Bumblebee Purses

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  1. I am new to coach and was wondering if these ladybug & bumblebee purses are indeed authentic and did or do they sell them at the boutiques. I just bought one off ebay because it's so darn cute. Are these seasonal items. How can I tell the difference between authentic and fakes? I paid 75.00 for the bumblebee pouch, is that a good price?

    How often do they have sales?

    Thank you.
  2. There's an Authenticate This! thread going. Post there, and try to post pics!
  3. the bee wristlets and handbags are from past season, but the outlets are carrying alot of them right now.
    in fact a couple of different styles....i recently purchased a bee wristlet and ponytail scarf at my outlet here in northern ca.
    the wristlet...which is pretty large was ons ale for 39.99 and the scarf 29.99.they also have a cute bumble bee key fob!!!
    hope this helps
  4. I saw the pink, white and lavendar optic bumblebee small hobos and double handle totes at an outlet on Friday. Check with your outlet to see if they have any left.
  5. Does anyone know how much the bumblebee pouches or any of the ladybug purses retailed for?

    Planning to head down to Woodbury NY soon and find something.

    As I said, I am new to Coach but my sister saw a cute ladybug purse for 120.00 and keeps talking about it but didn't pick it up for me, darn it???

  6. Did you know what the prices were? Thanks.
  7. woodbury in long island? theres an outlet there???
  8. Sorry I didn't look at these items. They were just putting them out when I was getting ready to leave. The pink optic small hobos were around $80 plus 20% off, but they did not have bumblebees - just plain pink optic signature. If you can, call your outlet and ask befre you go. The SAs are very nice and they will be happy to put something on hold for you.

    And, I definately didn't see any green ladybug bags. I would have purchased one if they were there! ;)

    Good luck in your search!

  9. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets are in Orange County (1 3/4 hours from NYC). The Riverhead Outlets
    are in Riverhead, Long Island.
  10. If I recall correctly I think they retailed for over 200 the demi style I seen them at Marshalls for 99 a few weeks ago.
  11. Originally, the pouches were $148. I haven't been to the outlets in a while, so I don't know what they're down to now.
  12. Last year I purchased the spring bug large lilac hobo for $398.
  13. Does Coach come out with these cute stuff every year? I only got into it after my sister told me about the ladybug bag. I have always collected LV limited edition cute stuff like Panda, Cherry Blossom, Cerises. Coach is definitely much more affordable.
  14. No bugs so far this year. I have the green lady bug hobo and the white bumblebee flap. I love them! They are so fun and cute.
    Right now in the outlets, you can get a scribbly flower bee type bag on on a white optic background. (do an e-bay search to see it -- I probably didn't describe it right)

    Good luck!
  15. Can I ask you how much you paid for your bags? Did you get it from the outlet stores?

    I just bought one of those scribbly flower bee pouch that you are talking on ebay this past weekend. Hopefully it is nice.