Coach Ladies secret charm!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was reading in the LV forum that alot of the members are trying to come up with a charm to hang from there bags. That way when your out you can spot another TPF gal.

    I was thinking maybe we should do the same thing. Everytime I go into a Coach store or see someone carrying a bag I always wonder if there a Coach forum member.

    I am to shy to approach someone and ask if there on TPF. If we had something that was visible to let one another know that were a Coach member it would make it easier to go up to the person and chat.

    What do you think? Anyone intrested?:shrugs:
  2. There already is a tPF charm.. I bought one a month or so ago --- there's a thread somewhere on it.. I'll see if I can find it.
  3. That sounds cool. I was wondering the same thing when I was shopping today.
  4. I was thinking something just for the Coach ladies. So we can spot eachother.
  5. that would be feasible. i already have a few of the tpf ones, but a coach one would be cute.

  6. How do you get a tpf one?
  7. twinkle.tink had a thread up about them for quite awhile. you can pm her and see if she has any more.
  8. Found THIS:
    Twinkle posted this evening that she only has a few left and to PM her if you want one!

  9. anything on the thread about the charm? and, do you have to be on here for a while to get a tpf charm?? thanks
  10. Nope, the charms are available to anyone that wants one. I have the one posted above too. Its really cute in person, btw.

    But I wouldn't not be opposed to a Coach charm either.:graucho:
  11. thanks, i just pm'd her. the charms would be good too. which one is it?
  12. i have a tpf one it hangs off my ali i love it :smile:

    but a acoach one is a great idea ;) i always wonder when i see a nice coach bag on a lady if its one of you :smile: cause there are so many new york ladies :smile: I saw a whisky Ali on a woman today in downtown brooklyn and wondered! :smile:
  13. Great idea. I'm in.
  14. I got mine in the mail last week and ADORE it! I have it hanging off of my new satchel with my initial charms!
  15. That's cool! How much are those?