Coach Ladies Poppy Watch

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  1. I tried searching for this, but didn't come up with anything - so please direct me to a thread if someone has asked or posted this watch previously ... They have this really cute "Coach Ladies Poppy Watch" on the website - but only have one standard pic of the watch - would anybody happen to have seen this watch in person or own it? I'm just wondering what the band is like?

    Here is a picture
    poppy watch.jpg
  2. I think I saw one at my outlet . It looks like Patent Leather! Sorry I didn't look too close! has the black one on it!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. Ok .. checked out Macy's - much better picture - and now I know its called a "Blair" watch ... thanks for your help - didn't even think to check out other places! Searched the *bay and found one on there too ... Thanks!!!
  4. Your Welcome!

    I am bad because I look at Nordstrom and Macys as well as Sometimes the Department stores have different Coach than If I know it an older piece, I will try Ebay.

    Lynne :biggrin: