Coach L Stripe Agenda - $500!!

  1. 510.00 Holy Cow! I can't get over that
  2. LOL Everytime I see an auction w/ multiple items in the pics, & the price is beyond belief I'm always thinking that someone must not have read the thread & just bid on looking at pics alone. Not in this case of course w/ 32 bids. But $510.00 WOW!
  3. You could buy a blackberry for that!

    How many people still carry paper agenda's? Just curious?
  4. At first I thought it was for all three things, but 510.00 for an agenda!!
  5. ^^Same!!:wtf:
  6. i think people are absolutely stupid. come on, it's an agenda...
  7. I saw this, and I really wanted, but c'mon 5oo dollars! I can buy a new bag! lol! Maybe people thought it was all 3 things.
  8. I agree.
  9. Yeah, I was watching this one too! I've been keeping an eye on the legacy striped stuff since the coin purses started selling at such high prices. I can't believe how much that agenda went for though! I bet that's a very happy seller! LOL!
  10. :shame: I still carry a paper agenda, and that is why I bought a beautiful black Coach agenda at the outlet. I have an electronic one, but I like to see my information on the actual page. I wish Coach made one with six-rings instead of the spiral.
  11. THERE-IS-NO-WAY I'd pay that. I really think the person though they were getting all three. :sad:
  12. I saw that!:wtf:
  13. Thats just crazy.