Coach Kristin style# 14904

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  1. Anyone here knows the price of this bag when bought from an outlet??:wondering
  2. The leather is $155 + tax, not sure about the siggy. HTH.
  3. #3 Sep 20, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2010
    Kristin Signature Sateen Hobo

    I am not sure if this bag ever showed up @ the outlet.
    this one might be department store excl. bag. not sure..

    next time for better reply, you should post a pic or at least a link of the bag.
    plus the description will help too!

    If this was at the outlet, the price will be
    $258 - 30% - 20%
    $249.99 - 50% - 20% it depends... since some of Kristins were priced @ 30% off and some are 50% off @ the outlet this month.
  4. Thanks for your replies and I'm sorry I wasn't able to attach a photo but here it is:

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