Coach knit beanies & gloves

  1. I'm trying to get all my Coach stuff organized. (Yes, I've gotten THAT bored today!) I'm missing style numbers and prices on 3 things. Have you seen these? Do you own them? Do you remember what the price or style number was? I saw them in the Tualip outlet near Seattle on New Years Day but didn't think to look at them since I own them. Poor things have never been out of the boxes, maybe we'll change that when I go to the dr's next week. Thanks in advance... my soon to be very organized Coach collection thanks you too!
    Purple.jpg Black.jpg
  2. Can't help with the price or style # but just wanted to say the purple is cute.
  3. Thanks, the black was actually a gift from a friend of mine for my hubby. He hates it, but there are no tags so I couldn't take it back. So I'll organize it with the rest of my stuff.
  4. on, no!@ but i just saw that hat at the outlet, i think! mens?
  5. The black one? Yes... well hopefully! If my friend sent my hubby a women's hat, my hubby's gonna get really pissy. He already doesn't like him!

    Anyways, what outlet was it? Maybe I can call and they can check.
  6. I saw the purple one at the Hagerstown, MD outlets about three weeks ago.
  7. They look like the women's stuff I got last month. If I remember, I will post the ladies style numbers when I get home.
  8. Poke, poke, poke! Please remember! Thank you!
  9. Thanks for bumping it:

    Ribbed Knit Hat in black: Ladies Style #FS2792 $21.52
    Ribbed Knit Gloves (I have them in camel): #FS2124 $21.52

    Try doing an eBay search on the 4 numbers - Don't include the letters.

    I am on my way out the door. I will double check the gloves to see if they are the same style as yours. The price I have above includes the 6% sales tax. I bouth them within the last 3 weeks.
  10. the sawgrass colonade outlets in south florida
    last month. a lot of them too! my bf liked them , but not enough to pay that price! they were not really on sale much then and he is not such a designer Wh0re.