Coach Kiki Fringe Bag and the Soho Collection

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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I just ordered the Kiki Hobo. It looks gorgeous in the ad. I am glad that coach brought back the soho collection too. I like the khaki signature print with the berry leather. What do you guys think of the new stuff for April?
  2. I have the white Kiki and LOVE it!:love: I think the Soho Scarf Print Hobo is adorable too. I just wonder if it would be big enough for me. I also REALLY like the Large Carly with the turquoise trim. I'm just confused because says it has a 14 inch drop and the Optic Carly says 6" drop.:shrugs:
  3. I like the Kiki bag too. I prefer it in Saddle, gives me that western, 80's rock and roll feeling to it. I might plan on buying that next year just to have something totally different.

    I love the jewelry! The Coral and Starfish necklace/bangle is perfect for my parents' planned summer trip. If only the bangle wasn't so expensive!! I also loved the Rumor sandals and oh, the hats! THE HATS!! I cannot express how much I love the new hats! The Legacy Stripe and Soho Print Tara Hats are my favorites, but all the other ones are beautiful too.

    I like the overall collection for April. But I'm glad I can finally find some things to bring with me in the summer. So I'm pretty excited.
  4. The Kiki is one of my favorite bags in this issue! Congratulations. Will you be showing us modeling pics when you get it? I'm also glad they have the Soho collection... love those rounded curves.
  5. I love that Kiki bag too - I just don't think I'd use it enough to justify it - I'm now in the process of trying to train myself to buy bags that I'll use more than once or twice;)
  6. I agree, modeling pictures of Kiki, please. I need to see it what it is like, IRL to see if I REALLY want it. Drilldown pictures can be soooo deceiving!

    And I also agree with Suzzee, I'm in the same situation. I am trying to plan carefully on what future bags to buy so I can use it more often. I have a white/khaki turnlock wristlet and Heritage Stripe wristlet in Vermillion that I don't use anymore, I feel bad for it.

    But yes, please do some modeling pictures of Miss Kiki. We need some!
  7. Well I have the Large Carly with turquoise trim and it does not have a 14" drop! The drop is the same as the regular large Carly as far as I can tell-if anything, it might be a tad shorter but it is soooo not 14"! I'd post a modeling pic but my camera isn't working at the moment. Hope that helps though~
  8. Thanks so much!:tup: I called my local boutique and they put me on hold, came back and to me it IS 14". I thought that was B.S. since I own 2 Large Carly's and they are both 7" drops. She said "oh...I just measured it!" She didn't know what she was talking about. I had never spoken to her before. this one says 7" drop this one says 6" drop this one says 14" drop

    A tad bit confusing! :shrugs:
  9. Here are some!

    Attached Files:

  10. Thanks for modeling admat97. It looks even more beautiful in person! This bag I happened to like right away in the catalog. But sometimes I think "eh, I don't like that". Then I see it here on the board with everyone's individual pictures and it looks soo different than in the catalog or online. I must have this bag for sure!
  11. I have the same problem. I think the Kiki is one of the most beutiful bags Coach has made in a while, but I know I'll rarely use it:crybaby:
  12. Thank you so much! That bag is certainly beautiful. I liked the way it looked online too, but seeing it in real life makes the bag look so much better. It looks fantastic on you too! It's beautiful, hopefully someday I'll get around to buying one. Thanks again.
  13. Oh very confusing! The leather Carly claims to have a 14" strap with a 7" drop but then the others claim a 17" (or so) strap with a drop of 6" or 14" :wtf:. This doesn't even make sense to me! The drop on my turquoise Carly is maybe 7", might even be 6.
  14. i saw the turquoise and geranium in IRL and i must admit the geranium strap is a bit too much for to digest..too flashy for my liking..but the turquoise is sweet indeed. :supacool: