Coach Keychains

  1. Anyone have any of the initial keychains? I got mine today and it says "Made In China" stamped on the back of my letter, but no Coach stamp or anything. :confused1: Is this what I am supposed to expect about them? I persoanlly find it a bit tacky. :shrugs:

    Do all of them look like this or did I happen to purchase.....*evil music* dum dum dum.....a FAKE off of eBay? :cursing:
  2. oh about 90% of fobs and charms and wallets are fake post a picture or a link to the auction

    Hope yours is real however you have be very careful
  3. do you mean the inital charms? i checked all of mine and none of them have the made in china stamp. post a pic
  4. I got my wallet at the outlet and it has a Made in India tag...I never knew...
  5. I have a couple of the initial charms and they have a small lozenge hangtag attached to the o-ring that says Coach on one side and Made in China on the other. I don't think that it says made in china anywhere else though :sad:
  6. Apparently this was purchased from the outlet by the seller and that is fine with me..I don't care where it came from as long as it is Authentic, but it does have the coach little silver tag hanging from the O ring and on the green side of the initial, it is a patent shiny material and then on the back where it says "made in China" on the back of the H *on the blue side* I also noticed that it has the target stamp on the back of the H charm....I am pretty disappointed if this is how all the Initial Key Fobs come from the Outlets..with the Made in China stamp and the Target stamp on the back of my charm... :sad:

    I am trying to take pics, but it isnt showing up really well on my camera to show it. I will keep trying.

    ETA: I found one on eBay that is identical to mine...

    However..mine has a target stamped above the Made In China so it is like my whole left side of the H has crap all over it...makes me not want to show off that side...GRRR
  7. I'm pretty sure yours is authentic. I just purchased an initial charm from an outlet and on one side it does have "Made in China" stamped across the leather of the initial. Mine doesn't have the target symbol, but the "Made in China" stamp is there. I'm sure yours was bought at an authentic Coach outlet.
  8. Yours is fine, one of the main reasons they redid the colors was because of the complaints about that. The new ones have the tiny coach tag with made in china on that now, instead of on the actual charm.

  9. Thanks for all the replies! I am certain this one is authentic, but Geez....that is sooooo tacky on the charm! I am now looking at the newer styles to avoid getting one like this in the future.
  10. It's authentic. I bought a charm from a Coach outlet and it has the same thing on the back.
  11. All of my initial charms, Poppy keyring. and new green sandal keyring have "made in China" stamped on it. - Yeah - I don't like it.

    Oh yeah - And I purchased all myself at Coach so know authentic.

  12. Yep, same as mine.
  13. well that's good to know!

    I always shy away from getting a charm at the outlet...because I HATE how they put the bullseye stamp on the leather. Just bother's me for some reason.

    I actually dug through a bunch of bee key-fobs at the outlet and found one w/o the stamp! heheh
  14. i got the leather pink sandal key fob at the outlet and it didn't have a bullseye.. then i bought a smiley face and it did :sad:
    Sold it on eBay because of it.
  15. don't blame ya...that would distract from the smiley-face (as it's a shiney leather)

    i got lucky on that one (the smiley face) too at the outlet...found one with no stamp! heheh