Coach keychains on Bbags???

  1. I just got a black first bbag and I'm debating on a colorful coach key chain to hang off it? Bad idea? :confused1:
  2. I think their cute! Ive been looking at some too
  3. hey! that is a good idea. I just got one for my birthday and I didn't know what to do with thinks I shall hang it on my purse!
  4. I think it's fine. I have a really cute Coach keychain with a chain of pink and white dangling hearts, that I've been thinking might look great on my BG pink city. I will have to try it!
  5. I have the Cancer horoscope one which I wear sometimes on my rouge vif.
  6. 'kay, thanks guys!
  7. some of the coach keychains are really cute. but i'd only want the ones that don't say coach anywhere on charms like some of them do, because the bag is not a coach. don't know why, just don't like to mismatch?!
  8. I have had an 'E' on my Black city since I got it back last december.
    black balenciaga.jpg
  9. Sure, why not. As long as it doesn't say Coach in visably big letters. I hang all kinds of stuff on my bags. Sometimes they are nude, sometimes I dress them up. I have a bracelet on my Greige right now.

  10. I'm the same way!
  11. I bought this Coach keychain on EBay. I think it's so cute:

  12. that is cute ronda!
  13. the coach charms look so cute on bbags! i have an intial charm (a "K") and it so happens to be pink, red, and purple and looks really pretty with my red city! i agree though about the charms saying coach...that's not really my style.
  14. rhonda- that phone charm would looks so cute on a white bag! i love it!
  15. Oh, thanks, ya'll. I don't have a white BBag yet and I'm on a ban (sob). I think it will pop against greige!