coach keychain on your LV?

  1. Went to the coach outlet today and brought home a keychain...wanted to hang it on my speedy or BH, but I realized the coach key ring doesn't have a clip like the LV's the normal rounded style one....I'm afraid to squeeze my LV hardware through it...anyone else ever hang a coach key ring to their LV? how do you do it? :confused1:
  2. Nooooooooo!!! :wtf: You'll scratch the hell out of your hardware.
  3. Buy a pochhete xtender? IDK. But ita ^ you'll scratch it!!!
  4. oh really? ok...good thing I asked...will definitely keep it away from my LVs then...:sweatdrop:

    thanks for your inputs!
  5. Put a different keychain thing on it- they have some snap type things in the keychain section at walmart and a slip ring that has a hook. I don't know correct terminology for these items! lol

    ... or if you own coach bags, use the metal little ball chain thingy that the hangtags are attached with and take the metal ring off the keychain.
    You can also buy those little chains at walmart or hardware stores in the hardware section. I saw Ichelle uses those to attach her tPF secret sign keychain to her bags.
  6. mlowran, could you post a pic of what Ichelle uses? I'm curious to see that....thanx!
  7. She has a few threads with her bags. Lemme find them.
  8. Here's another helpful thread maybe for ideas on bag charms?

    This is MJ's bag and it looks like she uses the other kinda ring I was talking about- you should be able to get these at walmart. It actually has a latch kinda like a tension latch? I dunno what to call it.

    (Bag photo came from this thread:

    Another of the same latched ring


    Photo shown in the LV viz aides thread:

    Coach keychains have REALLY thick tight rings and always hurt my nails and fingers trying to get things on and off them. It's because they're great quality but geeze they hurt. lol
  9. Of COURSE!! I just got the watermelon charm and have it hooked onto my Perfo matches perfectly. It'll definitely fit.
  10. Im using a Coach key ring on my LV Reporter. It looks so nice! Dont worry about scratching the hardware.
  11. mlowran, I see what you're talking about now regarding that round's one of those rings that ppl put on paper....ok...will give that a try :winkiss:

  12. No way! I wouldn't do it.
  13. Just change the ring like what was suggested above.
    The Coach charms are so cute! You will have to post pics.