Coach key chain with Louis Vuitton Speedy? Is it ok?

  1. I'm a big fan of Coach key chain. They are so cute and they have such a big collection. I think they are very colorful and fun, I really want to put them on my Azur Speedy but I never seen any TPF member or anyone has their LV mix with other brand. So i'm not sure if it's ok to mix them. Like I have my Burberry silk scarves too ( wonder is it ok to go with my LV speedy ). I'm just not sure. So what do you think?

    ps. My aunt in VN loves Sweet Flowers Bandeau and the Love Scarf but eluxury don't ship to VN. I was wondering if you guys know any other website that sells LV scarves beside eluxury.

    Thanks so much for your help :okay:
  2. Sure! I have the Coach watermelon keyring and have put it on the fuchsia Perfo Musette-it looks adorable!
    Also, elux is the only site that sells LV besides the LV site (in certain countries).
  3. there is no other website that sells brand new lv items, but you could try eBay or let-trade

    also, people mix brands all the time when it comes to decorating bags!
  4. oh that's great to know.

    So what do you think which color goes with Azur?
  5. A lot of people use Juicy charms, too!! Coach makes a lot of adorable charms! Go for it!!
  6. Oooooo, the star charm Rebecca posted is so cute!!!!!:tup::heart:
  7. I like the star charm too - very cute :smile:
  8. I am sure it will look great!
  9. Use whatever charm or chain.....I don't carry Coach, but I think their items are well made, and they have cute charms.....
  10. oh my god I love the purse charm you posted. Thanks for your opinion.
  11. Sure, I think you could put anything on it! I really think RED would look nice with azur!
  12. Red would pop out. I was thinking blue but then if you looks careful the speedy is blue. At first when I didn't see the Azur up close, i thought it was kind of like vanila looking.

    ps. anyone who owns a Azur speedy? :confused1: Do you have this feeling your speedy is dirty but then when you try to look for the spot, the brown line on the white square throw you off and then you just keep on looking & get lost? I feel like my Azur is getting dirty but I can't find the spot anywhere and I got so frustrated, I'm afraid to use it and store it in the dustbag but then I miss my Speedy. :crybaby: Am I the only one?
  13. i'm a huge coach fan too! i love their keyfobs. sooo adorable! i have a leather pink heart charm, and the gold fish keyfob. i've recently gotten into LV and am trying to get my first LV bag. i think it's totally ok to mix brands. i want to get an epi soufflot, and put either a juicy charm...or a tiffany's scarf on it. not sure....they're all so cute!
  14. yeah maybe juicy charm. I looked at their collection before but I never really pay attention. Maybe I'm going to.

    OOH r u getting your first LV? get the SPEEDY. They're so cute and young-ish looking. lolz.