Coach Key Case - My modification!

  1. I bought the Coach Waverly key case and was so excited to use it.

    Until I realized that my car key & house fob won't fit inside of it. So I watched countless YouTube videos to see what other key case users do and found that most of them just have one of the inside key holders hang out with their car key.

    However, when I did that, it felt wimpy. I was so bummed because it just didn't feel right. Eventually, the little keychain FELL OUT! I was able to put it together but couldn't figure out what to do -- other than take it to a leather shop and have a whole punched in it for a new keyring for my key & fob.


    I used one of my hangtag's ball chain and it worked like a champ. Now it feel sturdier and I think it looks better!

    What do you think? Check it out!
    IMG_8763.jpg IMG_8760.JPG
  2. Wow that's a good idea!
  3. Great idea, love it!
  4. Great idea! I'll have to try that too. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Oh my - what a good idea! Thanks for sharing - it looks great! :smile:
  6. Brilliant idea!
  7. thats such a cool idea!! i totally will be on the lookout for a keyholder now!! thanks for the pic
  8. Nice!! It's really cute!
  9. Brilliant! :idea: Now I have to reconsider a key case...
  10. Aweaome idea. Looks pretty, but organized.
  11. Your keys are adorable now!! Well done!
  12. Great idea, but where did you get that studded key????
  13. Great mod and I love the key case. I don't remember seeing that. Anyone know of a source to purchase those ball chain thingeys (technical term)? I'd like to put them on all my fobs that just have the ring so I'll actually use them!
  14. Great idea! That's really cute!

    One question.... isn't it heavy with all the keys on there and the key holder? I ask because I know it can harm the cars key ignition to have so much weight hanging down from the key when it is in the ignition (happened to me once already and had to replace it)? Unless you take the key out when you strat the car?? Just wondering....
  15. Great question! I was concerned about weight too but they keyring doesn't feel any more heavy with the key case than it does without it. It doesn't seem to pull down on my ignition any! Phew!