coach Keri or Anna sunglasses?

  1. I am totally torn between the 2 of them does anyone own these... I have the eva's and chelseas and love both of them But now I wanted a rounder frame. But not too big grrrr im torn:confused1:
  2. I have the Keri, and I like them a lot. The frame is not too big at all because I don't like big frames either. They are just right for me.
  3. I have the Keri's in white. I really really like them. It's getting harder for me to find shades that I like because the frames are FAR too big for my liking but these are just right.

    I adore them!
  4. I have the Keri's in white. I just bought them last month.

    If you want white - I suggest you look in to them sooner rather than later. It is a style that has been out for a while. I got the feeling that the overall supply might be low. "My store" had to order them from another one. I noticed on tortoise is the only color available at the moment and they say black will be available in May.
  5. I have the keris in white an LOVE them!
  6. The Keri, in tortoise. They are substantial without being too big, and very comfortable to wear.
  7. oooo I like the shape of the keri's!
  8. you should bring a friend to the store or somebody you trust (for their opinion).....
    hope it helps....because i use to sell sunglasses and people use to bring their buddies in for an opinion and it really helped.
  9. Honestly, I don't know the sunglasses very well, but that picture posted above of the white keris is really cute!!!