Coach Katelyn Sneakers...

  1. So i saw this girl at my tanning place and she had on Coach sneakers to my suprise... they looked SOOO cute.

    I believe they were the katelyns...

    I think I might get some either in white or black.

    Which do you think would stand out the most? White or Black?



    I'm scared to get white because it will get dirty...

    Does Coach boutiques have shoes?

    Also, I'm a 9-9.5 in regular shoes... What would I be in Coach shoes.

    And what does the B mean after the sizes on there site?

    Sorry for all the questions... LOL

    Anyones else have these shoes?

  2. You can use Coach Signature Jaquard Cleaner on them!
  3. coach sneakers run really big/wide in my experience.
  4. my coach store has FEW sneakers but about 30 feet away is Nordstroms with a HUGE selection!
  5. I have the black ones. I'm usually either a 6.5 or 7, and I have these in a 7. The 6.5 fit, but it was a little tight around the toe (I have a kinda wide foot).

    And the B is just a medium width....some brands use "B" and some use "M"....same thing.....
  6. Oh, and Macy's has these as well, so maybe you could get them during F&F.
  7. I like the khaki/white ones ... I have dalia sneakers and find they run big/wide as well. I wear an 8 or 8.5 normally and the 8 is almost too big for me. They all may run different though.
  8. I wish the coupon worked online...

    I might just have to make a trip...

    What dates is the F & F?
  9. Yeah I'm leaning toward the white ones. The ones the girl had on looked so cute with jeans. I might ask her where she got them or what style they are. Who knows they might be fake. There are a lot of those around here.
  10. I saw these in the boutique and the that little stripe thing on the toes was really dirty from handling (I think it's suede?). Anyway, make sure you are either really careful or that you treat them with something. I think they're totally cute too!
  11. I just bought those today in black. My mom was mentioning the sneakers I was wearing were a little run down so I thought I would spend the gift certificates I have at Macy's on them.
    After working with shoes for 12 years I can tell you these shoes do run big but narrow. I wear a 7.5 wide and I got the 8 because the 7.5 was just way too narrow. I know after wearing them a bit, they would stretch but I don't want to wear them that much.
    As to what B means. It actually means narrow. here is what widths with letters equal. A=S (slim)(you only see those with ballet shoes and the such..very rare), B, C =N (but a lot of companies only make these for their shoes and sometimes they tend to run more medium), D=M, E=W, EE=XW, EEE=XXW. There are also WW sizes and misc other things but you usually only see lots of widths in children's shoes.
    After all this talk, I really wish coach made wides.
  12. oh thanks for letting me know that!! geez, my babies need a good cleaning and i've never paid attention to the idea of using the cleaner...duh
  13. I have the white ones and I love them. And as someone stated earlier, you can use the cleaner on them. In my opinion they do run a little large so you may be able to go down a half size.
  14. the coach boutique that i went to only had this pair of sneakers and none other shoes, they say that only some boutiques carry shoes so you'll have to ask. but i've seen them at macys..i've acutally purchased them but returened them because i wasn't feeling them (but i might buy them again...hehehe, when i'm feelin the itch). but i think you should go for the black and white one...the white one will get so dirty so quickly...the suede (on the tippy part) will just attract everything....this is if you're parinoid about getting them dirty or want to wear them regularly. hope this helps :smile:
  15. I should have said they run long but narrow. The stripes are patent and a ribbon like material. Patent is pretty easy to clean as long as it isn't scuffed and the ribbon material is textured enough that it shouldn't look dirty when it is. The only thing I would worry about is the grey fabric. Fabric shoes are always hard to clean if they can't be put in the washing machine. Does anyone know if they treat the material on their sneakers?