Coach Katelyn sneakers + Mud = Disaster? NOPE! :)

  1. So, my bus broke down in the middle of the road today with about 5 miles to go to my house from school. I had the BRIGHT idea to walk home with a friend. Unfortunately for us, another bus picked the others up about 10 minutes later and drove past us. :cursing:

    There are no sidewalks, so it was either the road or the grass. I didn't want to get run over, so I decided to walk in the grass. I forgot that it just POURED rain 2 days ago, and the grass was still wet so it was all muddy. By the time I got home an hour and 5 miles later [I'm so sore, but it was worth it... such a good workout and a pretty nice day today!] my Coach Katelyn sneakers were COVERED in mud. :tdown: I was about to cry, I thought they were ruined forever.

    I took a paper towel and wet it and wiped all the mud off, then blotted at the dirt that had seeped into the fabric. To my surprise, but relief and gratefulness to Coach, it came out almost completely! They're outside drying right now, but they are certainly MUCH better than before.

    In conclusion, I'm very pleased with Coach signature fabric!! :tup::tup::tup: It definitely impressed me today and I won't be so scared to use my Sig Stripe tote or these sneakers in bad weather.

    [Sorry this was so long, just wanted to rant about my unluckiness but praise Coach!]
  2. I'm so glad they cleaned up for you! This also happened to me once with a brand new pair of sneakers. Stepped out of the car and right into soft muddy grass, just sunk right in! I was sick until I got home and tried to clean them up! It did stain the stitching tho.
  3. oh that sounds be soo sad too. good thing it came off though, what a relief! i have 2 pairs of coach sneakers myself so thats good to know!
  4. Thank for sharing this story. I've been wanting a pair of Katelyn's for the longest time, but I always talk myself out of them because I'm afraid they'll get dirty. I just might have to go look at them again tomorrow, lol!!!
  5. That's great makes me like Coach even better.
  6. Get them!! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    They're the most COMFORTABLE shoes ever too, I walked 5 miles in them and my feet don't hurt at ALL! Plus I get compliments almost every time I wear them and they go with so many outfits. You won't regret it!

    [Coach should pay us.. we tPFers are such good enablers! :p]
  7. ^LOL Coach should pay us, or at least give us a discount for referrals!!!!:p:tup: I just decided I'm definitely going shopping tomorrow!! Which color combo do you have Margarita? I really like the khaki/white but I think the white would get dirty easier than brown or black.
  8. The white rubber probably will get dirty more easily, but you can always wash it. I have the black/silver ones and I love them. I'm sure whatever you decide, they'll look great! Post pics if you get them! :graucho:
  9. I am glad your shoes didnt get ruined Maggie. Coach screams quality.
  10. Glad your shoes didn't get ruined and you were able to wipe them clean. That kinda sucks the bus drove right past you guys though.
  11. OMG I've been sooo scared and nervous to wear my Katelyns out latley, esp. since we got soo much rain and snow recently up here in CT! Thanks for telling us!!
  12. Tell me about it... actually, we counted, and a total of 7 buses drove past us.
    We didn't even look sketchy...we had our backpacks and everything. They could have at least driven us even a few blocks.. :rolleyes: