Coach just updated the Website!

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  1. I was there two minutes ago....went back to look at a certain bag and BOOM Scarf prints are on the home page!

    Check it out!
  2. Thanks for posting...I don't check the website but once a week b/c I get disappointed if they don't put anything new up.
  3. Theyre so pretty :heart:333
  4. Coach puts out some fun pieces.
  5. Yep-just noticed the website today...and then in the mail today came the new catalogue.

    yay! Just what I need-other things to obsess over buying-teehee!
  6. lucky you...I never receive the cataloge thru the mail only the coupons...I always have to actually go to the Coach store & pick one up, then I'm always tempted & have to purchase something while I'm there.
  7. Yeah, the SA at the Tysons Galleria Coach said new pre-fall stuff is coming in on June 29th. Time to start making a list for September!
  8. mharvey- Who is your SA at Galleria? The only one I know is Sean and he is lovely!

    THE NEW CATALOGE!!!!! I muct leave work now and go home to see if I got mine!

  9. HAHA! Yes, I am thrilled! I am thinking I received one because I recently bought something from Coach online (actually, a phone order). How do you get coupons? Is that only if you shop at a Coach store?
  10. Probably yes, as the coupons can only be used in the store? Maybe if you are an online shopper they might send you one, but you would have to travel to a store to redeem it. You can't use them online.
  11. wow its cute =D
  12. Ooooh, the scarf print is interesting but I prefer the with pink version.

    Hopefully this means the large metallic outline hobo that I've had my eye on is hitting the outlets !
  13. I love how you always put up when Coach has new stuff, Kiari! You rock :o) I'm heading over there now to take a excited!
  14. haha! I check that website out almost everymorning! Of course had to come share with you all :P