Coach Julianne Black with silver hardware

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  1. I didn't hunt through 83 pages of listings to look for this. Does anyone own this one?

    There have been several black with brass hardware on the bay but I haven't seen black with silver.

    Would this be FP only or will it arrive in the outlets? If you have it please let me know where you found it &, if you like approx price.

  2. Did they do the Julianne in black w/ the silver hardware??? It seems like they did, but I can't recall seeing one other them in stock photo's from

    You could check the Madison reference thread and see if anyone posted one. In regards to them showing up at the outlets, the Sabrina's & Julianne's have been pretty inconsistent! I've seen 2 at my outlet, I ended up buying the 2nd one I saw. It was "damaged" and had been returned, didn't bother me!!! I got mine for $220 plus tax and I THINK that's what I've seen other gal's get them for!!! Damaged or not.
    Mine is the light grey w/ silver hardware and I LOVE her!!!
  3. I bought the black Julianne with silver hardware a couple of weeks ago in the FP boutique, so it does exist! I think it was $458. I expect you can get one through the website.
    Hope you're able to track it down.
  4. The SA at our outlet showed us hers ordered from the website. DD hasn't waivered in liking it since. Good taste!
  5. i had a blk with slv julianne, purchased from the FP boutique just a few weeks ago. she is a lovely bag but i found her to be a bit too big for my liking. i have pics in my album.
  6. I have this bag. It's in my album as my birthday bag. HTH
  7. It does exist but I don't imagine it going to the outlets until if and when the Madison line gets deleted. I could be completely wrong but it's been around for awhile and still a very popular style! You might be better off just getting it from a boutique store?
  8. The easiest way to see if it's going to an outlet soon is to go into the boutique and try it on. If the SA tries to convince you to purchase another bag because it's newer or trendier, you can bet Ms. Trendy Bags herself is headed to the outlet within 6-8 weeks and they're wanting as many FP sales as possible. I got this bag and the SA tried to convince me to get the black Bonnie Convertible, which went to the outlet less than a month later. I really don't think it's going to the outlets soon because the bag really does sell itself even with all the newer bags coming out. The leather just gets more delicious each day I use her.