COACH Julia Bag-- Yay or Nay-- need your opinion

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Yay or Nay for the Julia

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  1. Thank GOD tPF is up and running-- i really need some opinons gals and guys!

    Well my DH bought me the COACH Julia Bag, and it really is beautiful. The price is a steeping $698-- urgh! THE most i've ever spent on a bag, but i can see why COACH priced it this way. The Thompson leather is beautiful, the stiching and the construction of the bag is impeccable. The bag is very comfortable to wear. It's slim and not bulky at all. I'm convinced that if you are going to buy any leather bag, it's going to be heavy-- either that or i just need to work out! :sweatdrop: So i'm off this issue.

    Still it is $698 and i don't mind paying this much because the quality is amazinbg, but i just wanted your opinions about the bag with a poll. Please let me know what you think. The pictures are posted on:

    Just click on the left menu entitle Documents, and it will show you the pictures. I couldn't load them any other way... Sorry! :shrugs:
  2. I voted nay, because I find flap bags inconvenient. Plus I don't find the bag all that exciting. But to each their own! I'm sure you will get great use out of a well-made leather bag! :smile:
  3. I tried the link but when I clicked on Documents, it's asking for e-mail and password. I think one has to have an account.
  4. This is the Julia bag.
  5. If you love it I say go for it. I would not get it as I already have a chocolate Brown leather Ali and a Bleeker Laced Flap - see bag in my Avatar. The Bleeker Laced Flap is just too similar to the Julia. I do love flap bags alot and find them very comfortable and
    functional for me. If you love it I say go for it. In the end it only matters how you feel about the bag.
  6. thanks sad giraffe, i couldn't get the pics either.
    I vote nay b/c i'm not digging the "tongue" leather flap and little button on the thompson line. just my personal preference. i LOVE the turnlock closure on the traditional legacy line.
    i do not doubt the construction or quality of the bag though. also, i have not seen the bag in person and i cannot access your photos so i only have the stock photo to go on.
  7. WOOHOOO-- got them loaded! Here are the pics-- please let me know what you think!
    julia.jpg julia 002.jpg julia 003.jpg julia 004.jpg julia 005.jpg
  8. I like the bag but it would be too thin for me to use- I like wider bags! I love the style though and the leather is gorgeous!
  9. I think it might be a bit thin, but I like the style a lot!!
  10. Nah, not my cup of tea. Too square and slim for my taste. However, Im sure its beautiful leather and I do love the color.
  11. Nay! I'm not liking it at all. It's not my style, but if you like it then keep it.
  12. I like the slimness of it! The leather looks gorgeous and the details are beautiful. The only thing I really don't care for is the flap but I think it looks great on you.
  13. It does look wonderful on you - I didn't realize it was so large! If you like it, then keep it! If less people are carrying it because it's not their style, the more unique it will be when you carry it!
  14. I really like this bag. I like the slimness and it is very comfortable on the shoulder (I only tried it empty though). it is a lot of money, I was contemplating it for PCE, but I don't think I even have the much funds available. If you can afford it though, keep it, it's beautiful!
  15. I have been getting a very even opinion of the bag, despite the poll-- i guess it really just depends on just what your own personal style is. I think the bag has sort of a bohemian look to it-- with all the whip stitching, and despite the slimness, that is actually the thing i love most about it. Still don't know what to do though... :shrugs: