COACH Job offer *dies*

  1. OK. Y'all have to stop me. Seriously. I went back to the Coach store AGAIN-- and got the Signature Multi Stripe Mini Skinny to go with the Signature Multi-Stripe Demi I bought yesterday. HOW DO I STOP IT?!

    In fact, I've been in the store so much lately and they know me so well-- according to the assistant manager "That girl knows her Coach!"" (I blamed it all on you guys and gave her the site link)... they offered me a part time job! LOL. She said they'd love to have someone who already knows so much about the brand and that I could just work a few hours, whatever days I want because I have a full time 8 to 5 job.

    What do you guys think??? Should I take her up on it??? One of the other girls was giggling with me over Carlys and told me she works there because she needs the discount. LMAO.

  2. Heck yes do it!! Look at all the goodies you will get 1/2 price!!! Lucky you!!
  3. This is awesome you should deff do it!!!!!!
  4. oh wowwwwwwwwww take it take it!!!! wow i wish someone offered me a job there lol!! u can work there one weekend or somethiing!!!! think of the discount!!! i think i would work there for free if i could lol
  5. i'd do it if i were u. that's awesome.
  6. i would definately do it!!!
  7. I would TOTALLY do it!!! :nuts:
  8. That's the dream part-time job!!! Congrats on the offer, I think you should take it. I would! there a discount???
  9. Someone said it's half-off. I know there's a discount because the SA-- not the Assistant Manager-- was talking about it. Said it was the reason she worked there.
  10. Oh my, I might just go broke if I worked there...hehehe!
  11. that is SO cool! Yes you should def do it!
  12. That is just great and an awesome thing to considered!! I heard stories about girls working in those boutiques and always wearing the nicest things but being on a bugdet for everything else. This is part time though!!
  13. I know most stores require you to be available sat/sun and one day during the week!
  14. honey is that a SERIOUS question?

    don't be funny.

    take that job you KNOW you need it.

    lol... feed the fire! discount! WOO!
  15. Yeah, she and I talked about it and they need someone to fill in for Saturdays or Sundays and maybe Friday nights which is perfect. She really encouraged me because she said that weekends were when they really needed SA's and all their positions were full except having a fill-in like me. I didn't even bring it up. She just asked me "Have you thought about working here?" And I mentioned my 8-to-5 job and she waved it off and said Friday nights or saturday or sunday was what they really needed and I could also fill in if people needed to leave early weeknights or called in sick.