Coach Jewelry?

  1. what is everyones opinions on coach pieces like these? i have an opinion but am keeping it to myself till i see if it is YAY or NAY to you ladies!

    Legacy Medallion Bracelet:

    Legacy Medallion Necklace:

    Hoop Earrings (love all the colors):

    and others!

    do you own jewelry by coach? why or why not?

    if you do own coach jewelry, how is the quality?

    was it worth what you paid?

    are you a repeat offender? (have you gone back and bought more?)

    if you don't own any, are you considering it if you see pieces you like?

    thanks in advance you lovlies~


    PS all the bracelets are HOT!
  2. Definitely love the bracelet...
    Not sure about the necklace, looks heavy...
    The hoop earrings are cute, but you can get a pair that look just as cute from anywhere...

    I have a punch/silver bangle, I got it b/c I always wanted a bangle but my wrists are too small for some of the ones out there. When I tried on the 3/4 it didn't slid off my wrist! Also, I didn't want to miss out on this item!!

    It seems durable, but haven't really put it to the test kinda scared. hehe I also have a coach watch which I wear daily. It's hanging in there...there's a scratch on it already though, but I guess that's my fault b/c I'm kind of a klutz.

    I think it was worth the $98 I's metal, it has the c's, it looks so high fashion when I wear it...hahaha I look like a million bucks when I sport that bangle. LOL j/k

    I'm not a repeat offender, b/c I don't have the means to be...but if I did, I would get another bangle in silver/silver.

    Hope that helped!:p

  3. I love most of their jewelry but auugh I just can't spend the money on them that I would spend on the bags or accessories. It's weird I know ;P I love the pieces you showed tho!
  4. I LOVE those earrings! But they aren't even real gold so the price is a little high - but then again you're paying for the name.

    I don't own any Coach jewelry (for obvious reasons) but I do LOVE Coach. :smile:
  5. I really don't like any of it. That being said though, I am a sterling girl. After repeat trips to Mexico (the sterling cap.) I have so many gorgoeus pieces.

    The earrings I do like but just don't see myself paying that much for a pair of earrings. Sad when I would pay 5 times as much for a purse, lol!
  6. I think the pieces are attractive but I never wear "costume" jewelry. It's not that I don't like it, my skin just can't tolerate it. My ear lobes blow up and my arm turns green. Not pretty! :throwup:
  7. The pieces are nice but for that kind of money I buy silver or gold and diamonds...
  8. I love Coach, however, I am NOT a fan of their jewelry.

    It just isnt "my" taste! It is too much like costume jewelry to me. I prefer SS and diamonds :smile:
  9. I don't really like any of the peices. I love Swarovski Crystal, I would rather spend money on something from Swarovski or diamonds.
  10. The earrings are cute, but I'm not a fan of the first two.
  11. i like the bangles but am afraid they would tarnish.
  12. I'm not a fan of that necklace or that bracelet. I adore the bangles as well.
    The earrings aren't my cup of tea either but that's just my opinion. :smile:

    I like their watches, sunglasses and bangles...those I do like!
  13. Love the bangles. My Mom has several and they are very nice.
  14. I like the earrings but, I think they're a little over-priced. I'd love to get some of their bangles, but, I had too much trouble attempting to get it on in the store. it got over my fingers, but, not over my knuckles. Oh well...
  15. I have one bangle (the 1/2 legacy stripe bangle) and i've had it for about a month... i wear it a LOT and it has not tarnished or its not scratched up! I love it!