Coach Jewelry Repairs? SA's?

  1. OK, a fellow TPFer bought a pr of earrings from me under my seller ID on eBay. I have had them since they first came out - never used them. Just had them in my collection.

    It was the small hoop earrings.

    The buyer said one of the balls fell out. Has anyone had this happen?

    Will Coach repair them? I know I have the receipt and TPFer said she still has the tag, but am not sure if they would believe they hadn't been used until now. I also would hate to pay $20 to repair them, as shipping isn't anywhere near $20.

    Any help or suggestions?

    (TPFer is going to return them to me for a refund)

    They were style #94068.
  2. I don't know about the Coach costume jewelry but I've heard that a few TPF members have had issues with cracks appearing in their LV inclusion bracelets and LV would not allow a return/exchange of the bracelets. Perhaps it would all depend on the relationship that you have with a particular Coach store or SA with regards to seeing if you could return the damaged earrings.
  3. since she's getting a refund and sending it back to you its better for you to actually receive the product on hand and see if it is in same condition you send it, except the ball being fallen off.

    if it is, bring it to your local coach store and explain the situation, omit having sold it and sent it, just say that you've had it in storage (clearly can be seen from the condition of the earrings) and when you first tried it it fell apart.

    they should exchange for you no problem, maybe even offer refund depending on the manager/store.

    hopefully they wouldn't give you any major problems.

    i've been lurking around and some of the things mentioned about coach customer service makes me mad.

    best of luck.
  4. Thanks. I have a good SA I deal with. I just feel bad because it was the brass on brass and they are sold out.
  5. Sorry I didn't mean your SA is rude! Its just that there seems to be a lot of stories floating around. There's no jewelry repair service right now, only for handbags.

    There may be a chance its available again, I don't know which pair exactly but regardless they'd take it back if its a defect.

    Maybe you can exchange it for something different or get refund if its not available to order :smile: