Coach Jewelry Pouch, does anyone own one?

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  1. I've come across a couple on ebay but I was wondering how well the actually work for carrying jewelry? Also how much do they actually fit? I love the idea of them because they have a few different compartments and that's perfect. I'm the type of person who always has to take jewelry with me when I travel and right now I end up using ziploc bags basically. I'd like to get this pouch but only if it's actually functional and only if it's something thats not too bulky to carry in a tote while travelling. Any information would be appreciated! TIA :smile:
  2. I've been looking at those too and I have the same questions! I have never seen them in a boutique, outlet, or department store, so it's kinda hard to envision how much and how well they hold jewelry.

    *crossing fingers* Hopefully a nice Coachie will take pity on our plight and post some jewelry "modeling" pics for us!
  3. I have one and love it - I'll try to post pictures in the morning!

  4. Thanks, it would really help both me and e.Kat!:smile:
  5. I saw one at the boutique. If i remember correctly, it's about the size of a cosmetic case and has a bunch of tiny compartments inside.
  6. Shameless *bump* for pics :P
  7. I have one, and it's perfect for all my jewelry. There's two zip pouches that I use for necklaces and earrings, a ring holder thing, and the whole thing zips closed so you can put some of your chunky jewelry in there as well. I have mostly small earrings, pendants and chains so I don't know if I could speak to all the large costume jewelry that's popular now, but I think it could fit easily. I got mine on ebay slightly used for $12! Hope that helps!
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    Sorry for the delay! Here's an old picture.....


    And here are the new ones....


  9. ^^^Sorry the photos are so big....and my fingers look huge!
  10. ooh I really like that one! I wish I could find one in that colour :sad: actually I can't find one at all where the seller will ship to canada :sad: I really want one
  11. I have a gray/pewter colored one... I will take pics when I get back to Colorado and my coach collection!
  12. it is cute