Coach Jewelry on Sale in Boutiques!!

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  1. I was told by one of the SA's at the Vacaville outlet today that a lot of the Coach bracelets have gone on sale in the boutiques - this is their normal unadvertised type of sale - also she said more shoes are on sale as well. It's not all the bracelets, just some, but the prices were pretty good on some of them!! I think she said the Ocelot ones were included in the sale! They can also order them for you from the outlets just like they would in the boutique - they have it sent to you. I think she said the prices were in the $49-59 range for the larger size bracelets - the small nailhead ones are included and those were less - maybe $38??
  2. WOW! Sweet deal, thanks for sharing!
  3. I've seen the nailhead bracelets at the Howell Prime Outlet for a while now. I hope the new stuff is coming...maybe I can justify one of those sterling rings.
  4. Thanks for the heads up :tup:
  5. ugh please dont tell me the zebra bangle is on sale!! i just bought that like 2 weeks ago. granted i got it with the $50 coupon but still. does anyone know?
  6. Ooooh which ones, which ones?!
  7. Zebra wasn't but Ocelots ones were. The Legacy stripe one isn't but a bunch of the signature type ones were, also that Miranda cuff (the big open-work one) - it's orig. $198 and was down to $49 I think she said!
  8. :tup: Thanks Suzzeee!