Coach Japan?

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  1. What is this about? Are there more special/different bags released there? TIA!
  2. yes they have japan exclusives released there that we cannot order....
  3. There are sometimes things that are specific to the Japan website that is available to order through JAX.
  4. like 90% of the time it will come out on it might just take a while. I have bought things that were " exclusive" only to see them on months later for a he*l of a lot cheaper! :mad::censor::rant:
  5. If you see something on the Japan site, call Jax and they may have it. I wanted the XL Kristin Hobo in Java, but the only one on the website is the regular. So, thanks to tPF, I called and guess what? They have 10 of the XL in Jax. Of course I called my SA who ordered it for me with PCE and free shipping too!
  6. I just went to the website, but can't read the language to see all of their handbags:sad: What is JAX?

    When the items come out on our coach page, is it denoted that it was from the Japan site? Why does the Japan site have more stuff than us?
  7. Jax=Jacksonville(Florida) coach warehouse, the 800 # gets directed there.
    Also, if u want to know what the Chinese, or Japanese translation is, just copy the description ...pull up 'google translator'(follow diections) then paste it in the box. It will translate it for u.
  8. Coach Japan does not delete items as quickly, so they are available for a longer time over there at full price. And their full price is a lot more expensive than ours.

    It'll probably get more difficult for us to buy the Japan exclusives in the future because JAX may not get many of them - Coach just opened a warehouse in China that is supposed to eventually handle all the merchandise for Asian markets. I think I read that it would take over Japanese distribution next year.
  9. ^^^wow, didn't know THAT?! wonder if that will cause/create even more changes with orders here or from there?