Coach items in Nordstrom Rack @ Ontario Mills

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  1. i was there yesterday and saw some new items arrived at Nordstrom Rack.
    Leather wristlet, hobo, patchwork flap...etc.
    check them out~ great price... some of them are 50% off regular price.:tup:

    also Coach sunglasses
  2. The Rack in KofP, PA had lots of shoes and bags...the multistripe multifunction tote and the 07 Legacy shoulder flap in Citron. Also some of the older sunnies.

  3. Oh crap!! The Legacy leather one in citron??? I almost went there today instead of scouting out Maxx and Marshalls. DARN...I want that Legacy citron flap, and I failed to buy it when I was at Lancaster a few weeks ago!! :crybaby:
  4. Thanks!! A little too far for me.
  5. :cursing: I went last Monday and they had NOTHING! I was going to go there today, but change of plans. Oh well, better for my wallet.

    Thanks for posting! :tup: