coach item search??

  1. Okay I know when I first found this site months ago there was a link that led you to the coach site and you could look up the old styles, that aren't currently showing on the site now. Does anyon have that link? :confused1: Thank you sooo much in advance!!! :smile:
  2. Thank you!! I saw the link and it did show the purse, but the link I am thinking of was the actual coach website and somehow it would pull up all the info, just like the current site, but it worked for the older purses.. does anyone know what that link was?? Thanks!!!
  3. Thank you both so much for the quick replies!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I really appreciate it.. I will bookmark them both now.
  4. That wayback site is evil...I can stay on it forever looking at all the old versions of the website!!!
  5. i know, me too!!!! lots of websites, but i get really frustrated when I get in there and the links dont work...then i'm sad
  6. I'm having waayy too much fun on that way back archive!!:wlae: Again, very handy tool.
  7. I love the wayback archives. Its going back in Coach time.