COACH is NOT being sold at Target!

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  1. I have to admit- I am relieved!:yes:
    Coach Accuses Target of Selling Counterfeit Handbag (Update4)

    By Susan Decker
    Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Coach Inc., the luxury leather-goods maker, sued Target Corp., claiming the second-largest U.S. discount chain was selling counterfeit versions of one of its handbags.
    Target sold over $1 million in copies of a Coach bag it ``explicitly identifies as a genuine Coach product,'' according to a lawsuit filed Sept. 29 in Manhattan federal court.
    The complaint for trademark infringement claims Minneapolis- based Target is purposely misleading customers into believing they are buying a Coach bag at a discount. A bag bought at a Target store in Largo, Florida, ``is an exact replica'' of a Coach bag, the suit claimed.
    Coach is seeking a court order barring Target from selling counterfeit bags. The lawsuit also requests payment of any profits the discount retailer made on sales of the item, and the name of the person or company that's been supplying it.
    Target has outpaced the growth of bigger rival Wal-Mart Stores Inc. by offering clothing from well-known designers such as Sophie Albou and Isaac Mizrahi. A spokeswoman for Target said the company planned to issue a statement later today.
    Target shares rose 57 cents to $55.82 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading and are up 7.5 percent from a year ago. Coach shares fell 20 cents to $34.20 and are up 9.1 percent from this time last year.
    The case is Coach Inc. v. Target Corp., 06cv7875, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.
    To contact the reporter on this story: Susan Decker in Washington at .


    Coach Files Suit Against Target
    Monday October 2, 2:36 pm ET Coach Files Trademark Suit Against Target Over Fake Handbag
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Luxury handbag and accessory maker Coach Inc. has sued Target Corp., alleging the Minneapolis, Minn., retailer is selling a counterfeit handbag that claims to be an authentic Coach product.
    The New York-based luxury goods company claims a counterfeit handbag that is an "exact replica of a genuine Coach handbag" and that bears a counterfeit of at least one Coach trademark was purchased from a Target store in Largo, Fla.
    The lawsuit, filed late Friday in federal court in Manhattan, is seeking more than $1 million in damages.
    Target's media relations department didn't immediately return a phone call seeking comment Monday.
  2. Wow!!!! All of our questions have been answered. I actually am relieved Coach is not being sold at Target....
  3. :yahoo: no coach at target good!!! coach is better than that!!
  4. Yes and no. Someone on the LJ "coach lovers" group had emailed Target earlier and gotten this reply:

    "Thanks for your inquiry about Coach merchandise. Target began carrying some Coach merchandise as part of a new program called The Find, which set in stores on August 27.

    The Find offers previously unavailable, upscale, branded merchandise on main aisle endcaps and front row racks. The exact assortment varies by store, but brands planned for the launch include: Coach and Dooney & Bourke handbags, Tommy Hilfiger short sleeve shirts, Samsonite luggage, Cuisinart kitchen appliances, Go Smile whitening, Joe's Jeans and Antik Denim. The Find merchandise is all 100 percent authentic and The Find program will have limited replenishment."

    But it sounds like some Target buyer got their stuff from the wrong supplier. Tsk, tsk. That's what can happen when you go gray market, kids!
  5. You know for a large company like Target I would expect better than that. Shame on them for not doing their research. It just tarnishes their reputation
  6. Coach handbags sold at Target: Real or fake?

    Coach is suing the retailer, saying they're knockoffs. Target says they're authentic.
    Star Tribune staff Last update: October 02, 2006 – 9:51 PM

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    Coach handbags sold at Target: Real or fake?
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    With plush leather or crystal beads, upscale handbags remain one of the best ways for women to wear their taste -- and their bank accounts -- on their shoulders.
    But how do you know that high-priced handbag with the designer label is the real thing?
    In the eyes of high-end luxury designers, you can never be too certain. And they've launched an all-out war to keep fake handbags out of the hands of mainstream merchants.
    On Friday, luxury leather-goods maker Coach Inc. sued Target Corp., accusing Target of selling knockoff copies of its handbags.
    Target denied the charges and insisted it doesn't sell forgeries.
    A few months ago, Italian fashion group Fendi S.R.L. filed a lawsuit alleging that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Sam's Club sold counterfeit handbags, passing them off as genuine. Wal-Mart denies the charges.
    The dispute has some retail experts wondering whether the products are really fakes, or whether the luxury designers are simply upset that their products ended up in mainstream discount chains -- which cheapens the image of their products.
    "There's an aura of style related to a Coach trademark," said Jim Nikolai, a Minneapolis attorney and a specialist on trademark infringement. "That aura is diluted if it ends up in the hands of discount retailers."
    In the past, one easy way to tell if a product was fake was to look at who was selling it. Typically, counterfeit luxury items were peddled on street corners and at flea markets, and the real deals were in high-end department stores.
    But with more luxury items appearing in mass market retail channels, location is no longer a determining factor. Costco Wholesale Corp. has sold Gucci watches. And Chanel perfume can now be found at mid-tier department stores.
    There is no law that prohibits these retailers from selling high-end luxury items, even if the designers don't want them to. "If Coach sold a product to a third-party supplier that sold it to Target legally, then Target has every right to sell it," said Dan Butler, vice president of retail operations and merchandising for the National Retail Federation. "But Target has to be prepared to say in court where it got it."
    In a lawsuit filed in New York, Coach said that Target sold copies of a Coach bag it "explicitly identifies as a genuine Coach product" at a store in Largo, Fla. Kira Doughan, a spokeswoman in the legal department at Coach, said the company's engineers analyzed the bag, which sold at Target for $200, and determined that it was a counterfeit.
    The company is investigating reports that Coach handbags have appeared in Target stores in Michigan and California; Coach bags have been spotted at Twin Cities-area stores this past week.
    The Target store on University Avenue in St. Paul's Midway area Monday was selling Coach handbags for $134.99 and Coach wallets for as much as $164.99.
    Coach is seeking a court order barring Target from selling the bags. The lawsuit also requests any payment of profits the discount retailer made on sales of the items.
    "Target has procedures in place to ensure that we do not sell counterfeit products to our guests," Target spokeswoman Carolyn Brookter said in a prepared statement. "We have been assured that the Coach product showcased in our store is authentic; therefore we believe the lawsuit is without merit." She declined to answer further questions, including where Target got the bags. This is not the first time Coach and Target have gotten in a tug of war about purses. Also, Coach recently complained that some of Target's private-label handbags too closely resemble Coach designs.
  7. The question is where did Target get the bags. It's definitely not Coach but if it's from an authorized Coach retailer (like department stores), they should be able to sell it I think.
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