Coach is everywhere!

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  1. Ok, so I went to the movies tonight and the moment I stepped through the entrance, I was shocked to see how many other women had coach bags. I felt almost embarassed. And as I looked more closely, I noticed that a large number of them were fakes.

    How do you girls feel about the fact that Coach bags are everywhere, and especially the fact that so many of them are fakes? After tonight I'm thinking that my next Coach will be a leather, opposed to the signature that I've been carrying. I don't like walking around with the same bag as everyone else.
  2. yes I agree.. I feel disgusted that so many people carry fake coach now especially the signature ones...
    That's one of the main reason that I only like the leather coach instead..
  3. It's hard, but Coach has been so brilliant with their marketing strategies and how available they make the product to every corner of the country and beyond...that it is reasonable to think that they are everywhere and carried by everyone. They actually were #1 on the list for WWD's 'most recognized luxury handbag brand', #2 was Vuitton. #12 was Hermes :smile:

    It's interesting to see, but definitely not unreasonable. If it makes you uncomfortable, just find the most unique bags you can or get them in different colors! Getting leather also is a big step, most people don't even recognize Coach leather! Which is hilarious as it's what started the company in the first place!
  4. I think people who truly love and know coach would recognize the coach bag either leather or not.. ;)

    [Getting leather also is a big step, most people don't even recognize Coach leather! Which is hilarious as it's what started the company in the first place![/quote]
  5. that really used to bother me a lot too, but i realized i carry coach bags because i like the design & the quality. sure a bit is because i love the 'designer/luxury' brand status, but i buy the bag because i like the BAG itself. so yeah it kind of loses its "special" status when EVERYONE seems to be carrying one, but it doesn't bother me as much anymore now that i've realized i'm not just in it for the brand name.

    for some reason, fake carly's still really piss me off though.

  6. Amen! I guess I just feel a little unoriginal when everyone and their brother is carrying coach or fake coach. But I agree, it's the quality that always brings me back. I think that if I do buy another signature bag, however, I'll make sure it's a unique deisgn or with a bright color or something.

    And yes, the 13 year-old's with the fake Carly's REALLY get on my nerves :nogood:
  7. For me, I don't give a rats a** how many people may be carrying around Coach. I love it and that's why I carry it. I'm not trying to impress anyone with what bag I'm carrying. As long as you like it, you shouldn't worry about how little or how many other people are carrying it too.

    As for the fakes... well, they shouldn't be made and that's that.
  8. This is one of the reasons that I started buying the leather bags.

    My old manager at work called me a few weeks ago and asked me if I could come down to her office and look at her Coach bag to tell her if it was real or not. I knew even before looking at it that it was fake as I know her well enough to know that she would never plunk down the $$ to buy a real one, but she also had no clue how much they cost. When I went down to check it out, it was indeed fake and I told her that. She asked me if it made me mad that I spent so much on my bags and everyone else got there's so much cheaper. I just said "no", but what I wanted to say is that it made me made that fakes even existed. But I didn't...
  9. At the end of the day, Coach is huge, well-known brand selling mass-produced bags at every mall and the majority of outlets in the US. Though the image they sell is one of exclusivity and high-status standing, the truth is that they're not terribly exclusive (being sold at every Macys from coast to coast) or particularly emblematic of status (as accessible pricing has shown). It is Coach's accessiblity that makes it attractive to consumers and therefore common. If LV halved their prices you'd see a lot more of them; if Coach doubled their prices you'd see fewer of them. You buy a Coach for it's quality, affordability, and style rather than it's uniqueness.
  10. when i first got my lv speedy, they were everywhere, now a lot of the fakes have started to break and they arent so omnipresent, so i have been carrying it more

    the same thing will happen w coach. in 5 yrs my carly will still look gr8 but all those fakes will have long since been worn out and ripped. i usually just go for different colours hen a lot of people have though to make mine a bit different- ie my carly is blakc, not khaki. my sis and i have almost the same coach collections though! lol. i agree w op- my nest bag is leather too to avoid fakedom
  11. My first Coach ever was red. It was at a time when every girl at my college was carrying the black or khaki in the same bag. I always liked my bag better and got a lot of compliments. In general, that's why I am so happy I am attracted to red bags because a lot of people are afraid to get them.

    On the other hand, my Carly is the chocolate brown, which is popular, but i fell so in love with it that I didn't care. If you really love something you should get it for you and not care who else has it.

    As for the fakeys running around, they embarass themselves enough. I saw a woman in a game store Wednesday in a VERY high income neighborhood carrying a giant chocolate GOACH. I don't know what she was thinking.
  12. I saw a goach that was black background with brown c's, it was very ugly. I also try to get things that I love, also that are unique and not faked a lot and i love carrying my leather bags with some coach accessories on them. It is more understated for me. When it bothers me that I see a lot of fakes I just makes faces at them "inside my head". My husband always says "those who are in the know will know what it is" He is so cute
  13. Exactly! Thanks Maya!
  14. interestingly i dont c too many coaches here, it is usually when i m in the US that i c thme everywhere. maybe bc we only have afew boutiques and one dept store carrying them in canada
  15. Yes, I agree that Coach, Goach, & every other variety is everywhere. But I've been a Coach girl for a long time b/c of their quailty & uniqueness. I know, I know if they are faked all over the globe, how unique is that? :p But by uniqueness I mean, the cute little accessores, the keyfobs, the great shoes. I'm an ALL OUT accessories girl (clothes are great, but the don't hold a candle to bags & shoes) & Coach offers so many fun things! If memory serves, weren't they the first with mini-skinnies & wristlets? :shrugs: Anyway, the main bag I carry is circa 2004 so its not around as much, in authentic or fake varieties. And although I abhor fakes:yucky:, when I see people carrying them I feel sorry for them b/c for whatever the reason they don't have the real thing & they are totally missing out the wonderful quality that Coach is.

    But bottom line is that I love Coach & will continue to carry & enjoy my bags & accessories. What the rest of the world does is out of my control!

    Just my $0.02!