Coach Ipone Case

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  1. Hey fellow Coachies,
    Quick question did Coach ever make or currently make an Iphone Case , my TNA one I had broke and now I am back to my Zebra one and would really like a Coach one. I asked an SA at my local boutique but they rarely helpful. Thank's everyone
  2. No...I don't believe Coach has ever made phone covers...but they did make an iPod cover.
  3. The multi case at the outlets is a nice little pouch for the iPhone. Not exactly a "case" but a great pouch for it.
  4. my dh and i got an amazon gift card last year for xmas. we never shop amazon but when we were looking for a new camera and i decided on a canon i went to amazon to check prices and couldn't believe i found the exact model of canon camera i was looking to buy in a coach limited edition. it came in a white and brown heavy coach box with a black op art camera case! i haven't seen any phone cases but had never heard of camera cases either. i'd check never know! gl.
  5. i dont think Coach makes any - but you can find the fakes on ebay & such - i think they are pretty pricey for a case especially for a fake :sad:
  6. Please don't hate me! I just got a new iphone last week and the coachie nut that I am I had to have a coach cover. I bought one on ebay. It looks really good, I just got it today. It's the white and gray signature one. If coach had one I would buy there's but since they don't I bought the fake. It was $18 shipped which is not very expensive if you ask me. I will post a picture when I can. All I have right now is my iphone, my computer crashed on me. I bought a new one but DH has to set it up for me tomorrow.
    I do have a mini skinny that holds my iphone and I keep it in there.
  7. What you could do is find a good pic of Coach logo or a pattern, go to which makes these 3M skins and have one made. Then go buy a clear plastic cover to put over the skin to protect it better. This is what I did when I couldn't find a cover that I liked for my iphone.
  8. I bought the poppy zip around small wallet that has the wristlet strap on it and it fits my iphone perfectly! plus I have credi/debit card slots and a zipper pouch on the inside! I love it! they come in patent leather, leather, signature, and op art! Man it is the perfect thing, I gotta tell ya....
  9. $18 is a great deal - I've seen them for $40-$50 or more! Would love to see pics when you can get them posted!
  10. I wouldn't post pics of the Fake case, that could get you kicked of tPF....

    a fake is a fake is a fake.... bag or iphone case

    As for phone cases, they used to make leather pouches back in the day, but nothing for a few years. Unless you count that really bad one they made for Office Depot or whatever.... I do know that Juicy has made some cute ones recently! It's $35 for a 3 pack!
  11. i think if u use a copy right picture on skin-its you can get in trouble, since its copy right infringement.
  12. Well they have nothing to do with Coach but I've become obsessed with buying blingy iPhone cases on eBay. I have two and just bought another! They are different colors and patterns covered with small rhinestones and they are just too cute. The SAs at the outlet always ask to see my phone when I go in there. The ones I've gotten were no more than $11-12 shipped and are thick plastic clip on type cases. Just search "diamond iPhone cases"
  13. I know for a fact skinit doesn't care what you use...Now if you had a whole bunch made and sold them then I could see it being a big deal!!! I would think it would be sad if they came after you and sewed you for a phone decal. I'm sure they have better things to do like bust Targets and knockoff stores.
  14. it just seems wrong to would be like saying, ok i can steal this photo/logo..etc and print it on whatever i want, its ok as long as its just for me. What if someone took the coach emblem off thier bag, and screwed it on to a different generic leather bag, that would be wrong, and in my opinion using a copy right image is.