coach ipod mini case !

  1. I bought my friend for her birthday a new ipod mini case!. It was also a steal, it cost 10 bucks on sale @ Macy*s. On coach's site its selling for $68. The coach department at Macy*s Hearald Square has a bunch of things on sale also..skinny mini c's (black) on sale for 26, also a couple of mini c (black) wallets for 110.
  2. Nice! I still need an iPod shuffle case. I wish there was a Macy's around here.
  3. wow thats a really good deal, do you happen to know if they had cases for the ipod video?

  4. Hmm I have no clue!. They had a bunch of ipod shuffle cases in diffrent colors for 10 dollars each. I got the case for my friend,while I was waiting for another friend of mine. I wasnt really looking sorry :sad:
  5. I don't think Coach has come out with one for the video ipod yet...the ones that are out I think are from the OLD original ipods...they're way to thick for my ipod video.
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