coach ipod case for 80gb video ipod

  1. I see a bunch on eBay that dont really specify which one they hold (I know a lot of them are the old mini ones)

    Anyone have a video one they can measure for me so I can get one on eBay that will fit?

    I would be ever so greatful. TIA!!

  2. I don't have a case for my video ipod but you can usually kinda tell by looking at the pic. The screen area is larger...

    Am assuming you have a video ipod? If not, I can measure my ipod with the measurements...
  3. My dh's 60gb video one is 2 1/2" wide x 4 1/8" long x 1/2 deep.
  4. its still in the box, I was trying to wait until I had a case to break it out
  5. Same here and mine's a 30gb... I think I measured 2 3/8" wide so pretty much the same anyway.
  6. For the 80 GB... Height: 4.1 inches; Width: 2.4 inches; Depth: .55 inches. The measurements are posted on the Apple site, but I measured my dad's 80 GB for the heck of it. :smile: Hope this helps!!
  7. I have a khaki/gold case and it looks really great, but there is no protective plastic over the screen or dial. You may want to invest $14.99 on those protective films that they sell to cover your screen or it will scratch up.
  8. yeah, this is something I was already worrying about

    I think I'm going to skip the Coach case and get a good solid cover on that covers the whole thing (I have one now on my old 20gb ipod and it's great.

    Thanks for all the info though everyone, I hope I didn't waste your time!
  9. Exactly why I bought my Brighton one and LV one.

    LV also just came out with a multicolor one that fits the video if you are so inclined. Brighton has several different styles for both Video and Nano that are very cute.
  10. you should get an iskin claro.. it's really good. with the claro + 3 skins it comes out to only around $60 but it comes with a kickstand so you can watch videos easier
  11. We bought a hard case for mine @ the apple store for $30.00, the front is brush aluminum & the back is thick hard plastic. Everything is covered except the controls. I'm just too paranoid with it to have it in a soft case. My hubby's buddy had his in a utility pocket on his pants and bumped into something and it broke it. I would love to have a coach case, but with the protective case on will not fit into one. bummer.
    My DH has an etcher in his shop so he put our last name on the back of the ipod for me.
    You can see in the 2nd pic how thick the plastic is. The case was made specifically for the video ipod, it fits snug, no moving.
    First pic is kinda blurry.
    Picture 393.jpg Picture 394.jpg
  12. I have a hard plastic cover over mine, too (I did buy an LV case but sold it). I'm just more comfortable with it in my purse, car, etc. with that plastic cover on it! Think it was about $25 and it covers everything but the round control thingie...

    I'd heard all the warnings about the video ipods scratching so when I removed mine from the box, it had a clear very thin plastic cover over the screen. I left mine on (a tip from an ipod forum) and it is STILL perfect! They do them so well at the factory and I didn't any bubbles in mine from doing it myself. Not sure if they still come that way or not...