Coach iPhone case?

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  1. Why doesn't Coach have hard cases for the iPhone? They just have the universal pouches which is not the same! I think a legacy or tattersal pattern would be awesome. After waiting for 2+ years I finally bought the iPhone 4s. Sprint never carried it until a couple years ago and I wasn't eligible for an upgrade then. I refuse to pay $600 for a phone but for $99 I will take her. Now that I finally have her I want an authentic case not some fake one from the mall booths. Maybe we should write coach and ask them to carry hard phone cases for common phones (galaxy, htc evo, etc).
  2. Coach leather snapcase is coming in Nov/Dec for $79 i think. This is what my SA told me. Fits Iphone 4 not 5.
  3. I thought another SA here on tPF said that cases coming soon were for iPhone 5, not 4, but maybe I am recalling incorrectly.

    I personally love my Speck case that was less than half that price.
  4. I'm hoping for Iphone 5 case too, but since not much info is out yet, I better wait for Nov. Really want the real Coach snap case instead of the fake plastic ones.
  5. I don't think Coach will release a $79 case for an older phone like the iPhone 4, it should be for the 5. Like angelic*ruin I love my speck, was only $35 from AT&T and the had it in stock on the iPhone 5 release date. $79 for a iphone 4 case is way too much! That's almost the extra money you need for the 5!

    Here's my speck case
    image-1517200401.jpg image-4060153043.jpg
  6. There's pics of the cases in one of the threads - siggy and some other prints that really didn't appeal to me. I'm happy with my CaseMate $35 case!
  7. Would love a cute coach case but til then I'm another speck case lover!
  8. love the speck case that is for the iphone 5?? I had one for the iphone 4 and loved it.
  9. I don't care for the speck cases. I got to pick 2 of them for free when I signed a contract with AT&T and bought an iphone 4. I ended up selling both of the speck cases. I wish Coach would make hard cases! They would sell a ton of them.
  10. ITA!!! i would love these!
  11. Yes, it is. Had the same color combo for the 4s and got it again on the 5. The old one lasted a whole year
  12. Does anyone have pics of these supposed upcoming coach cases? I can't seem to find them in search...
  13. MrCoachie post them in the fall thread
  14. Ahh I see thank you!
  15. I use cheap tpu cases on my iPhone and I love them! And they are cheap enough that I can afford multiple colors