Coach iPhone 5 Case on 5s?

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  1. Has anyone tried one of Coach's iPhone 5 cases on a 5s model? Does it fit ok?
  2. Haven't tried Coach cases specifically, but I have about 5 cases (from different brands) made for the iPhone 5 and they all fit my 5s just fine. I believe the only differences between the 5 and 5s are software and the home button. Dimensions are exactly the same. So if the case doesn't cover the home button there should be no issues.
  3. I haven't had any problems with Coach iPhone cases fitting my 5S. I had a few of the plastic ones but I like the silicone ones more.
  4. I got one from macys a while back and it fits. I stopped using it though because it's more for decoration than actually protecting the phone. Switched to a rubbery one from amazon and i'm happy
  5. I have a plastic 5 case on my 5s and it fits perfectly. It's protected my phone very well against a couple of my clumsy moments, too. :P
  6. Yes, have 2 different Coach iPhone 5 cases for the 5s and they both fit perfectly.
  7. Yes they fit. There is no difference in a 5 or 5s ..
    I just got a 5s and it first in this case just fine

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  8. Thanks for your input everyone! I found a Madison zebra case at my outlet that fits perfectly!
  9. I think they are supposed to fit 5s but not 5c.
  10. Yes, 5 and 5s are the exact same dimensions. The 5c is not the same unfortunately. Cracked my 5 screen and the insurance replaced with a 5c so had to get a new case. I don't think there are any Coach 5c cases yet.