Coach Info

  1. Hi, i was wondering, my wife an i, we're from canada and we are going to go to Buffalo sometimes in November. We just got married and we don't have that much money to spend HOWEVER she is dying for this coach handbag, carly signature, i think its like $348 US, a little above our budget however i really want to get it for her.

    It will be her first brand name handbag and i KNOW for sure its something she will like =). I was wondering, if there is a couple or discount coming up?

    I've read that there is a 25% discount but i don't think Coach will give me one, i've asked and they said there is nothing at the moment. It would help me a lot of anyone knew something i could use.

    Thanks for helping.
  2. sboy79, that's so sweet that you are going to buy your wife a Coach bag despite it being out of your budget. For once a man who listens to his wife :tup: !
    I believe Coach just had a "25% off" special (late Sept. early Oct.). I would recommend going online to and look to see if there are any outlets in the Buffalo area; there are always great steals at Coach outlets. As a last resort, you could always check eBay. Good Luck.
  3. There is an outlet in Niagara Falls at the Outlet mall, worth a call
  4. Coach usually sends discount cards out again in December for 25% off. I'm not sure how you get on their mailing list. I guess you could call a store and ask if they have a F&F mailing list.
  5. When coach sends out the 25% discount cards in December, look on eBay, you will always find people selling the discount card for a few dollars. I believe coach sends out that card about 2 weeks before Christmas.

    Good luck!