Coach included in the "Most Wanted Accessories for Spring"...Come Look!

  1. According to Harper's Bazaar, this little pink number is gonna be hot. Duh!

    It's going to be $498 and is called the Envelope Clutch.
  2. That is really cute!
  3. That is adorable! I also think I spy a little Prada! :love:
  4. Good eye. Here's the details of the pic:

    Rich berry hues deliver high style. Bag, $1,150, Prada. 888-977-1900. Envelope clutch, $498, Coach. 877-COACH-04. Pump, $760, Christian Louboutin.
  5. the bag is already sold out with little hope of coach bringing more out
  6. Well I just spoke with a very lovely SA (from Coach Headquarters) who said it will be coming back out March 31st. :biggrin:
  7. Ooh, that's VERY cute!
  8. Wow is super cute and those CL :drool: